Night Light, Sunsets, Cake, Plants and Firepit

 The other day I posted a pic

of my wine bottle light....

during the day.

And here is one at night.

Thursday evenings sun
setting after a major
wind blew in and the 
bottom dropped out.
The last of several days
worth of rain as it brought
in a cool front. 

Friday evenings sunset.

Wedding to assist at in the 
morning (Sat.). 
Saturday evening, bonfire.
I am taking dessert so 
I tried another play around
and mix this and that
sort of cake. 

Guessing we will see how it
taste tomorrow evening. 

I was using frozen strawberries and
when I looked down in the bowl 
that I had the berries in...I
saw this. 

Darren up the street from me
works in landscaping. He was
working on a house the other
day and the lady wanted 
a Hydrangea bush removed. 
Darren said it was big and
probably been there forever.
He took it up, took it home,
separated it. He got 11 bushes
from that one. 
He is always potting plants and
putting on the neighborhood FB page,
to give them away. 

I went up and got three bushes.
Hydrangea bushes/flowers
are my faves. 

They were not little
bushes either. 
I placed them in front
of the deck.
Got them home and thanks
to the rain we have been
having, digging was easy.

I can't remember the names
of these two plants in 
the pots but they are
a ground cover. 
I put them in the pots
and they are sitting in 
my guitar.

My hummingbird vine plants
are coming up.

I can't wait till my sweet potato
vines start growing and 
vining down the pot.
I told you all that I was
hauling rock for a fire pit.
Well, here it is.

I actually want to do one more

layer of rock then when I have

them all in place I will concrete

them together so that the rock

will not be getting knocked down. 

I picked up limbs and branches
from the yard, with the wicked
winds on Thursday and placed
them in the pit.
I am going to remove them 
before I start burning and I 
am going to put sand in the

Friday, house cleaning day. 

Hoping your weekend is
going well,


Liz A. said…
Looks like you've been keeping busy in your yard.
Brian said…
Terrific photos and your firepit is gonna be nice!
Ann said…
I like hydrangea. I have one in the front of my house that my dad planted for me when we first moved in to this house. That would explain why it has stayed alive all these years (someone else planted
How wonderful that you can keep your yards up girl. I have been trying to get a few plants to take life again and it's been a struggle. YUM...I bet that dish was yummy. I enjoyed the Franklin post too. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Darla M Sands said…
I'm a fan of hydrangea and azalea but are soil is too alkaline. ~sigh~ I've probably whined about that before. LOL That fellow seems like a super guy. I don't think many people would take the time and effort. Enjoy the fruits of your labors, my dear.

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