LOVE at the Bright Place, Home of Tn TIny Weddings

 We give 
at the Bright Place, Home
of Tn Tiny Weddings. 

Its about making the
day all about the bride
and groom, making it
special for them. 
What a better way to 
make that day special then 
to have them marry at 
this beautiful place.


What a peaceful place to wed.
Birds singing in the background,
chickens clucking, 
frogs chirping, the sound of 
the Reflection Ponds waterfall, 
friends, family and people
like the Dream Team
at the venue working 
to make it all 
about the
bride and groom.
We love what we do!



Sandee said…
A lovely place to marry the love of your life. I would love to see a wedding here for real.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
You folks rock. :)
Brian said…
It's really wonderful that y'all make it so special!
Ann Thompson said…
It does look like a great place for a wedding
Liz A. said…
Have you thought about writing their ads?
BeachGypsy said…
yes, it IS SUCH A PRETTY PLACE! Very pretty for weddings. Are those yellow irisis??---love those!! I never got around to commenting but several posts back you had pictures of hair-do's through the years and I think I had every single one of the ones you did, ha ha!! LOL---and the colors as well. So fun to go down memory lane and look at the old hair-do's and styles and all.
Jeanie said…
I really love that concept. It's such a terrific idea and it looks lovely.

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