Four Weddings

 While the photographer
was doing her thing, I as doing 
my behind the scenes. 
I love the above pic. 

And the below pic!
Bride and groom having
pics made while Emily sings.
Sweet couple.
With four couples I have a
hard time keeping up
with the names of the 
couple. HAHA..

This couple was our first
on Saturday morning.
Dad of the bride and his
new wife got married
here at the venue.

The sister of the groom was
taking the pics. But here, the 
camera was given to the brides
mom while the big sister tickled
the brother! Something
apparently she tortured him
while they were growing.
This one was a tad usual...
the bride taking a pic
at her own wedding.
She hooked her man.
Cute shot.
Here the bride has the
gun to the grooms
head. He is not going 
Love this shot below.
The wagon of flowers is 
so cute when used
in these pics.

The photographer was to 
the left of the bride taking
her pics when I decided
to snap this view. 
The flowers
and the ribbon wall.

Memory table.
All pics above were 
taken with my 
big camera, below
my cell.
I was to tired to deal
with bringing the 
big one along for the
last wedding.

Again, photographer was
doing her thing, I was 
catching views that
just happened for 
me. I thought this
pic was a cute accident.
Shot this one through the 
bird feeder. 
Sometimes a cell phone catches
an accident shot....
the sun rays coming down
on the bride and groom.

Emily's guitar.
This was a beautiful day,
with low temps, a nice little
breeze and the shade of the 


I decided to not bomb bard you
with wedding pics from
four weddings so I 
decided to give you 
a few I liked best. 

Friday morning with it
being Emily's first time
to work with us I wanted
to snap some shots of 
just her. 

They turned out so good...
I will post them tomorrow.



Ann said…
Love that wagon. The third bride has such a pretty dress. After 4 weddings in one day you must have been exhausted.
Rhodesia said…
I cannot believe how many weddings you seem to have. I hear of very few here!!

Lovely photos and I love the one through the bird feeder.

Hope all is well, Diane
Darla M Sands said…
What an exhausting day that must have been. ~hugs~ Those are some awesome shots, my dear. Be well!
Sandee said…
Great shots and I love your venue. I would get married there is I could. Well remarried to hubby. He's not getting away either.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to all the furbabes and a hug to you. ♥
Liz A. said…
Great shots.
Brian said…
That was sure a busy time and all of the photos were lovely!
Lovely to see these photographs, thanks for sharing them.

All the best Jan

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