Backpacks, Oz, Pants, and Movies

 Purse or backpack?

I have always carried a purse
but recently I decided on a small
backpack. I love it.
Then my sis in law gave me
these cause she was tired of 

Pic in the one below
is not that great..but its 

The one below is bigger
then the others. I was able
to carry my camera
in it also.

I read the most interesting
thing last night on line.

Many people interpreted
the Wizard of Oz
from a religious point of view, and to be
completely honest, it makes some sense.
After all, Dorothy and
her friends go on a
long path seeking some sort of
enlightenment from the Wizard
(who represents a godlike figure).
However, since the film’s main
message ends up being the fact that
“power comes from within” and not
from God, some groups in Tennessee
actually wanted to get the book banned
due to its “anti-religious” message.

See I have a totally
different outlook
on this sort of thing.
To me, Oz is about living
through a childhood fantasy
in a magical land.
The characters, the colors, 
the adventure. Its watching
a young girl make friends along
a journey she is taking. It is about
friends and families. Learning
to appreciate those friends,
family and home. 
Yep, maybe I am strange
or maybe others are.
I take offense in people
that saw this anything
other then a movie
for children. 

Land of Oz is in Beech Mountain, North Carolina.

Several months through
the year this park is
open to the public.
I have wanted to go 
for years and one year
I will make it.
You can read about
the park here-

Last week I wore another pair
of my bright pants.

Not near as many colors 
as the other pair but
I love them.

After snapping the above
pic while sitting at 
a red light on my way
to work....
I realized that there
was a bird on the pants!

So of course pants this
bold just needs a solid
not so bold shirt!

NO....before you wonder, I 
was not wearing these with the
pants. I do have these on right

2:30 Monday and its just 55 degrees.
All that rain yesterday brought in
a cold front. So today, although
I thought I was over socks till
winter, I have these on.

Sunday was an all day rainy
day. The furs and I did
Well, we did watch some 
I mentioned before that I 
have been purchasing 
DVDs at the dollar
stores anywhere between
a buck to maybe five. 

I mentioned this one a few 
days back. 
Anything with Will Smith
in it, I feel is good.

Helen Mirren is also in this 
movie. I love her. As well
as Kate Winslet and Keira

I have also watched this one.
Also a good movie.
Starring Lauren Holly.

This next movie is 
based on a true story. 
Stars Tammy Blanchard.
James Earl Ray has a small
part (he is good) and David 
I did not get into this
movie till close to the 
end. It was very SLOW
and I fast forwarded through
a lot of it. 

Wow....this movie will make
you stop and think.
I enjoyed it, but was surprised
at the ending. 

Another good movie. 
Jeri Ryan and Marianne Jean- Baptiste
(no clue who they are).

I bought this one for under
five bucks not remembering
I had it. However, this
has an extra disc for the 10th
anniversary of the movie.

Staring Meryl Streep,
Pierce Brosnan, and 
Christine Baranski

I love Meryle Streep.
I loved this movie and did not
mind watching it again.
Course I saw it 10 yrs ago when
it first came out. 
I have also seen the 2nd one. 
That is the one I will be looking
for next. 

I do not pay a lot of these movies
cause I have been that route before
with VHS, and then you are 
stuck with them. I do have 
a couple of units that play 
both VHS and DVD though.
Maybe I will dig out some
older movies this winter. 
I still have a couple of dollar
store bought DVDs to watch
at some point. 

What sort of movies do  you like?
I used to never watch horror flicks
cause I was younger and my
hubs worked nights...
I would scary easy. 
Not now. 
I like a good horror movie, 
a comedy, some 
musicals and 
I however do not care
for a lot of blood,
guts and gore. 

Happy Movie 



Sandee said…
I've not seen one of these movies. We quit going to movies years ago. Why? I have no idea.

Love your pants. You're most colorful.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. ♥
Rhodesia said…
I cannot remember the last film we saw. Cinemas have been closed for the past 15 months - COVID. We cannot get Netflix and we have nothing to play a tape or a disc on so.......

Keep well and warm, it is still quite cold here and very wet!!! Diane
Liz A. said…
The '90s are back. I remember the small backpacks that people carried as purses. I was never a fan, but know some loved them.

As for The Wizard of Oz, people will interpret things as they will. If it helps them connect to it, great. If it makes them angry, then they were looking for something to piss them off.

I spend more time watching TV shows as opposed to movies. If I have TV time, I probably have a bunch of things on my DVR waiting for me.
Ann said…
That's just plain crazy about the Wizard of Oz. Some people have far too much time on their hands to want to ban a movie that has been around forever.
I'm the opposite of you, I used to love horror movies but can't watch them now for some reason. I tend to go for feel good movies. I don't like blood and guts or sci-fi
Brian said…
We always liked the Wizard of Oz movie, the books are not like the movie and are a bit dark though.
Darla M Sands said…
So much to think about, I'm a bit overwhelmed. :P Of course the kittens have run me ragged. LOL I do recall loving Pierce Brosnan in "Remington Steel" and thought he would make a superb James Bond. And he did! Those aren't among my favorite films but a single watching now and again (whohever played the lead) is never a bad thing.

Have you seen "Cabin in the Woods"? It's a bit gory but has fabulous twists and turns. We're also fans of movies with great music. Horror/comedy "Idle Hands" and dark comedy/mystery "Clay Pigeons" come to mind.

Blessings, my dear!

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