The S, Two and Done, Goodwill, and Lunch


Saw this at the end of the railroad
tie I removed from the 
area the hosta in. 

I love rust. 
I love finding letters
in other things.
I also love making things
like that black and white.


and done.

Waiting my 15 minutes till
I can leave.

I am struggling.
I have always been a 
But these days I am having
trouble being a

I get upset, ill and bent
out of shape over
STUPID people.
Okay, let me rephrase that
inconsiderate, self centered,
self absorbed people. 

I went to get my shot. Left the
house in good spirits except for
a headache the rain last night
brought in. But by the time 
I got to town, it was gone since
I took something for it. 
Parked, walked in, went through
the procedures, got my shot,
waited my time and left.
Walked to car, and left.
Encountered several folks on 
my adventures. No issues.
Polite and nice people. 

Thought since I had not been to
Goodwill (GW) in a long time, I
would stop in Donelson and
go in. First off, it smelled
like pee, it did not appear to
be that clean and I did not locate
what I was looking for. But the
prices were out the roof. Looks
like to me that they are
going to price themself out
of business. 
Decided to stop at the GW near
the house. Prices were some better,
but there again, the smell and not 
appearing that clean. 
Still not finding what I was looking
for I left but not before becoming
a nervous wreck. 
I went down one area, wanting to 
look at that stuff, but there was a 
woman, stopped and standing in 
front of where I wanted to look.
I waited till she finished taking pics
of said items and texting them to
someone. After looking there, I started
to move on, down one isle after moving on,
I came up on a foreign woman, stopped
right in the center of the ilse, going through
her buggy. I stopped behind her and waited till
she saw I was not going to turn around
and she moved.  

Went back and was looking at
the books.

While looking a foreign woman started
yelling in her language from the front
of the store to the back at a child. 
Not only was she yelling she had a loud,
squeaky voice that would grate on 
anyones nervous. The kid would then
yell back in English, "what"?
Then the woman would then 
repeat herself and this went on
about six times. Finally a woman 
there shopping yelled out, "stop it".
Then she walked over to the kid
and told the kid that when mom
yells for you, you go. Kid went.

I parked my buggy and got out. 
I am pretty sure I am done
with GW. About two yrs ago
I stopped donating stuff to them
cause they were raising prices and 
asking you at the register if you wanted
to up you total price to the next 
dollar to help with training.
I told one lady one day that 
I was not doing that cause the
prices going up and up should
be enough to cover the training. 

Anyway, I grabbed lunch.

Zacky's cobb salad with grilled chicken. 
Went home, fed the girls and 
ate 1/2 my salad.
Not feeling as stressed now. 

What is happening to our world?




Liz A. said…
Some days I just don't want to deal with people, either.
Darla M Sands said…
Lunch looks good, at least. ~hugs~ Be well and stay safe, my dear.
Brian said…
People really are quite inconsiderate these days, they've been practicing too.
Ann Thompson said…
I find myself more and more irritated by people and their lack of consideration for other people.
I do not know when is the last time I went to GW but the last time I did which was before Pandemic, I could not believe the prices! I was somewhat shocked to be honest. Yes, inconsiderate people will surely test my patience and the Lord has been trying really hard to help me that since Jan. LOL! Girl...I am a hard case! Bless His glad He loves me is all I can say. But, I truly don't have time for that and just wish everyone would do unto others as they would like to have done unto them. At least you had a good salad! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Rhodesia said…
There are a lot of inconsiderate people in this world and COVID appears to have found all the ones that I did not know about before! Glad you have had your vaccine. I have had both, but my husband still has to have his second one.
Have a good week, Diane
Jeanie said…
Sounds like an awful visit. I don't understand people sometimes. But Im glad you got yourshot and oh, that salad looks great!

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