Reply to Liz, Wagon of Flowers, Mailbox and COVID


Liz at
made the comment that I must
be a cutup at work after 
reading my other post. 

HAHA....oh Liz, you read some of the stories
about my son and him being a joker,
where do you think he got it?
However, let me say, I do my job.
I would get my work done but I
have been lucky in being able
to be me at work also.
I think being able to laugh helps
the daily grind go by faster,
and easier. Esp., after having
worked for the TN Bureau of 
Investigation for seven years. 
Laughter is always needed. 
I am pretty good at one liners

I was scrolling through PINTEREST
last night and saw this.

Now I need to locate an old
rusty red wagon. 
I love this. 

I went to deliver hummingbird 
vine seeds
to a friend the other day and 
and I saw this mailbox. 
Course I had to stop
and take this pic to add
to my collection.
This person lives right on 
the lake.

I love it.

Crap....sis in law has
been sick since Sunday. She 
had a COVID test that read
neg. the other day. But it
must not have been long
enough between contact and 
test. Just got text, she is in ER
and test said positive. 
I stopped in there Friday
before she got sick on Sunday.
I was not there maybe ten 
mins and Kim and I did not
come in close contact.
Plus, I have had one shot
and headed out in a few
for my second. 

Liz you talked about coincidence
in your blog Thursday
morn (which happens to 
be when I am writing this post).
I had just typed out this....

Now tis time for me to get
dressed and head to get
my second COVID
Was about to close up
my laptop when Kim's 
text came in.

Later folks.
Remember my motto,
Laugh often, laugh hard and 
laugh out loud.



Martha said…
Sorry to hear your sister in law has it. I hope she's ok and feels better soon. My daughter thinks she may have it now too, she's going for a test today.
Brian said…
Dang, prayers to your sister-in-law and we sure hope you don't get it.
Liz A. said…
Yikes, I hope your SIL is okay. Glad you got your second shot. Hopefully you didn't catch the dread plague.
Ann said…
Sorry to hear about your sister in law. Hope she is better soon
Sorry to read your sister in law has it, hopefully you don't get it.
Stay well, my good wishes.

All the best Jan
Darla M Sands said…
Communist lies make me so angry. I hope you stay healthy and loved ones recover. ~hugs~ Be well, my dear.
I was reading your post and thinking that I don't laugh as much as I used to. I'll make it a priority :-)
Jeanie said…
Sending all good wishes for a full and uncomplicated recovery for your sister in law. And you -- stay well!

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