Paige, Flarp, and Cuties


(photo by Pam)

My niece Paige.

She will soon be 34. Married and mom
of two boys.
(photo from wedding photographer)

Paige has been teaching at 
Columbia Community College
for the last four years.

She is beautiful and such a 
hard working woman. 
She owns horses, cows,
chickens, pigs and goats.

She just recently accepted her
dream job
at Western Kentucky Universary,
from where she graduated. 
She will be teaching 
Equine Science.

Very proud of you Paige.

I keep this at work.

Its a putty like substance, and 
when you pull it out
of the container and 
stuff it back in, it
makes a farting sound. 

Last year right before COVID
we hired a young photographer, 
graduated from Western Ky. 
Since we hardly all are in the
office at once, I have not
been able to pull a joke
on Randall. But last week
it just so happened that Randall,
Theresa and I were in the 
office together.
Randall had his back to me, 
and I walked up, pulled the 
putty out and pushed it back in.
Once the noise cleared I said, 
"excuse me". He turned with a 
funny looked when I busted out 
laughing.Once he realized what
was going on, he
stated that he is not surprised
by what he might find on 
my desk! 

With that said, my friend Cindy 

that I worked with at the TBI 
can tell you that its not a surprise
at what she can find on 
her desk after a trip down
the hall to be bathroom.

Cindy would bring a cutie a day
to work. Some days she would 
not get around to eating them.

(pic from internet)

One day she returned from the BR
with three cuties stacked on 
top of each other.
The top one having a face
and hair made out of .torn paper.

Aw, I miss my daily actives
with Cindy Lou!

Laugh often,
laugh hard and 
laugh out loud,


Sandee said…
I can tell Paige is an amazing young woman. I can see why you're proud.

Love the cuties. Very clever.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
What a lovely lady your niece is! I am proud by proxy. lol And you are definitely fun to share an office with. :) Be well!
Brian said…
Congrats to Paige, that's a wonderful new job adventure!
Your niece Paige sounds like a beautiful, talented woman. Congratulations on her new job.
Your fart story was so funny!
Ann said…
Congratulations to your neice.
It's nice when you can have fun at work and like I was saying to one of the girls at work the other day, no matter how old I get, farts are still funny.
Jeanie said…
Paige is gorgeous and the Cuties are very cute indeed! I'll have to remember that with the boys!
Liz A. said…
Sounds like you're the cutup at work.
Debbie said…
i didn't know you were sounds like a great group of people!! i didn't know what a cutie was until i looked at the picture!!

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