Pick One, Emoji's, and Card


Pick one from each row.

I really got hungry after seeing this on 
FB....For me, I would go with wedges,
buffalo wings and ranch. Truth be told,
I like bowl of ranch and a bowl of
blue cheese. 

do you use them in your text, emails or blog?
Do you have a fave one?
For me, I like the silly ones of course.

When I asisst at the venue I am paid with
cash and Julie always includes the 
sweetest thank you card.
She gave me this one the other day...
Isn't that the cutest card. 
I love it. 
Thinking it might be a framer to frame
and hang in the office. 

I messed up and forgot to pick up my
Sunosi up at the pharmacy so
I could have it to take yesterday morn....
When I do not have my med,
it is like what little energy I have
is sucked right out of me.
Sort of like a balloon, and 
all of a sudden all the air
just escapes....and I am left
I literally slept all 
day Saturday. Shot that day all the 
HELL and 
This morn required a trip to Kroger
to pick up my med and 
some other stuff I needed.
I hate grocery shopping. 
Tired and taking a break now that
I got the groceries in and the
cold stuff put away.

Yay....then to get up and so
SOMETHING and something
would be better then what
I got done yesterday!

Laugh daily
Laugh often
Laugh out loud


Sandee said…
Potato Wedges
BBQ Wings

Now I'm hungry. ♥
Liz A. said…
I use emojis. I could use them more frequently, but I don't think of them all the time.

I have to pick between ranch and blue cheese? Can I just take whichever one you don't want and put it on the side so I don't have to touch any of it? Ick. To both. Not a fan of wings at all, but if I *had to* have one, I'd do BBQ (as anything spicy I can't do).
Ann said…
Wedges, BBQ wings and ranch. You know I'm wanting this right now.
Potato Wedges, BBQ Wings and Ranch for us too! The only emoji we used is the dog poop one. It's amazing how appropriate it is these days.
Christine said…
like you except blue cheese. pretty card.
CHERI said…
Yes, I tend to use a few emojis. At first I thought they were stupid, but then....!!!! Sorry you felt bad and hoping now you are kicking your heels up!
I sometimes use emojis. Like seeing the different ones they have to offer. But girl...I will take those french fries, BBQ wings and ranch! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
BeachGypsy said…
Can I please just pick EVERYTHING in the squares??!!! Ha ha LOL
Rhodesia said…
Quite honestly there is little I would eat in any of those food rows, too used to eating homegrown food. 😋 Diane
Jeanie said…
I'm with you -- blue cheese anything! Hmmm. Only fries if they are McDonald's!

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