Hello ~

Do you like cheesecake?

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I do!

At Thanksgiving my daughter 
made an amazing cheesecake
with a pecan, brown sugar and 
butter topping.

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this was AMAZING!

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Last month was Amber's mother
in laws birthday. Amber decided to
make her a cheesecake. 
New York Style with blueberry
compote on top.

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Well I did not have a bite of 
this but it sure does look 

Later that week was the bday
of Brayden (Will's son) so Amber
asked him what kind of cheesecake
he wanted. Strawberry....he wanted

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And he got strawberry. 
I was told this one was amazing

I told Amber that she needed to
try to sell some of these.
Her first order was to 
a friend of mine. She
ordered the pecan cheesecake.

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Amber decided last weekend
to make a couple more for the 
family to try. Family meaning
the hubs and the kids, mom (me)
lives an hour away....crap!

She made a golden Oreo 

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And since hubs likes Heath bars
she made a Heath cheesecake.

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Apparently the cheesecakes were
a hit. However, hubs said that he thinks
he really liked the Oreo better then his
fave Heath bar. Wow.....

Amber has made up a 
list of what she would make
and prices. 

Image may contain: text that says 'Nini's Amazing Cheesecakes Cheesecakes: $30.00 New York Style cheesecake Chocolate w/chocolate crust White chocolate cheesecake Lemon cheesecake awberry cheesecake Pumpkin cheesecake Coffee cheesecake Banana cream cheesecake Key lime cheesecake You canad any topping you like to these! 00 Speciality cheesecakes: Pecan cheesecake Oreo cheesecake Golden cheesecake Birthday cheesecake Candy cheesecake (your pick) Apple cheesecake Caramel Brownie cheesecake Topping: Strawberry Blueberry Raspberry Chocolate ganache Fruit Ifyou have something mind that listed please let me know!! not'
She asked me what I wanted
for my bday....raspberry and 
chocolate. YUM...
Course bday comes in Feb so
I might change before then.
Maybe one of each and I can
freeze them! haha

Cheesecake Quote - "Life always tastes better with cheesecake."

What would be your fave 



Rain said…
Hi Pam :)) Oh your Amber is talented! And a nice talent to have of course is one you can EAT!!!!! The cakes look amazing. I made Alex an Oreo cheesecake for his birthday last year and it was a hit. I think that I love any kind of cheesecake that has chocolate or caramel in or on it!
Brian said…
Oh yea, cheesecake is pretty popular here but it doesn't show up all that often.
Liz A. said…
If it's dessert, it must be chocolate. I do love a good chocolate cheesecake.
Ann Thompson said…
I love cheesecake and ALL of them look delicious.
Darla M Sands said…
Yum! Your family is talented, for sure.
You're making me I want cheesecake. They all look delicious. Cheesecake is my favorite dessert!
Jeanie said…
I'm definitely not a cheesecake fan. I'll eat it if served to me but never make or order it. But it looks beautiful.
Cheesecake has always been popular with me!

All the best Jan

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