The Loss of Another - Carol

                        written May 29
updated June 1
and posted June 2

Oh my heart is breaking....
a few years ago I would 
do post of stars and
celebrities passing on.
Lately it seems that it is 
people from my life.

Meet Carol and her hubs
Tony. This pic was taken
in July 2018, our 40th high
school reunion. Carol and 
I met in elementary school.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Leslie Carol Hogue, people standing

Carol had a rough start to 
life. She was born with a 
whole in heart and with 
surgery at three she
became paralyzed. When I met 
(in second grade)
Carol was walking but
due to all she had
been through her feet turned
out to the sides.
There were surgeries
and years of walking with
a cane and also having 
to use a wheelchair. 

Carol was a tough person,
that spent her whole
60 years in pain.
She was loving, caring and 
one of my biggest fans. 

I was lucky to have lunch
with Carol, her cousin
Cindy (my partner in crime)
and their other cousin in 
August. That was our
last lunch, but we had done
it before. It was getting time
to do it again and I wished
we had been able to do that.

Carol suffered surgeries
through her life and thanks
to the medical world she was
able to have her feet straightened
although she walked with a cane. 
She was always upbeat and 
caring towards others.

Carol's body just 
could not continue on 
and she was having
 issues lately,
on May 28th at 3 in morn
she gave up the fight.  

I am glad Carol will no longer
suffer the pain of life and body
but she will be so missed. It never
failed when I posted something on
facebook that I made or done,
she was one of the first to always
comment and tell me how proud
she was of me by doing and over
coming my chronic pain issues.
I am going to miss her comments.
I am going to miss her checking 
on me and me checking on her.

RIP Carol. Be pain free.
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Funeral homes are 
opened up again,
yes, I went to

Another friend posted 
 on FB that Carol and 
our friend Laura that
we lost in Oct. a
year ago was sitting a table
saving a spot for the rest of

Then looking through my pics
I located this one from our
reunion in 2018.

Laura and Carol
sitting at that said table
waiting for the rest of us.

Image may contain: Laura Short Brown and Leslie Carol Hogue, people sitting, eyeglasses and indoor

Love you both.
Missing you both.

Cindy, my friend that 
I mentioned before, Carols
cousin and best friend sent
me this pic she ran across
while going through pics...
This was taken years 
ago at a bridal shower.
Image may contain: Leslie Carol Hogue and Pam Montgomery Jackson, closeup

In Dec. Carol dressed
up, did her makeup
and went to the Mall
to see Santa.
Hard to believe that in 
the pic below, sitting
in Santa's lap, looking
so healthy and pretty 
that she would be gone
in May. 
Her heart and her body
just could not take
anymore. With blockages
in her legs and 
infection in her 
colon, she grew
weaker and weaker
but we know she 
is, for the first time
in her life, free of pain.
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Sandee said…
I'm so very sorry for the loss of a lifelong friend, Pam. Big healing hugs. ♥
((Hugs)) So sorry for your loss. Keeping you and her family in my prayers.
Brian said…
I'm very sorry to hear about your dear friend Carol, it's very sad.
Ann Thompson said…
So sorry for the loss of your friend
Liz A. said…
I am so sorry for your loss.
Christine said…
So sorry for your loss.
BeachGypsy said…
Pam I am so so sorry for the loss of your dear and life-long friend. What a sad sad time and I know you will miss her so much. May the good Lord give you peace and comfort while you go through this hard time.
Jeanie said…
I am so very sorry for your loss, Pam. Such a lot, so close together.

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