Out the Window and The Side Table

I wrote this post
several days ago, I 
do that from time to 
time but I really 
prefer to do the day
to day post...
so I am updating this

80's yesterday~ 
storms last night,
cool 55 this morn.
Pollen is high.
Wind is blowing and 
allergies are kicking.
Waking with headaches
daily, itchy eyes and 
asthma issues. 
Still running between
each house doing things.
Now to the first post.

The other evening I was in the
kitchen and looked out to 
see the sun going down.

Image may contain: plant and indoor

Its nice sitting up on this hill
cause I see the sun setting more
and the beautiful color in 
the sky. At the other house
I was surrounded by trees and 
was unable to enjoy views
like this.

Some post back I showed
you this table. 
This was my grandmothers and
for years it has sat in her
basement. At some point
mom had striped it but that
is as far as it went. She 
placed it next to her
washers and detergent was
sat on it. 

I have always loved this
table, I love antiques. 
Image may contain: indoor

This is what liquid detergent
did to the top.

Image may contain: indoor

After moving I primed the 
table and painted. I know this 
looks white but it is actually
an off white.

No photo description available.

My thoughts were to paint
the base and re-stain the top.

Image may contain: indoor

Update on the table~
I had to pick up more
paint for the guys painting
at the old house and at
the same time I 
grabbed sponge brushes
for the sealer for this
table....maybe I will
do that today. 
As for the sponge 
brushes...I am sure
there is some here at 
the house....

stay silly,
stay sane,
stay safe,

Sunday after working in the
garage to still unpack and 
go through stuff I decided
to sand the top hoping to 
improve the damage done.

It helped some but not
taking it all off. If I sand
anymore I will take it too
far and mess it up more.
So I have decided to 
embrace the damage
and it will remind me of

So I stained the top. 

Image may contain: people sitting and table

Love the dark and light.
I took the last pic before
the table was dry so that is
why it looks more uneven. 

No photo description available.

I need to locate my sponge 
brushes, that is what I like
to use when working with 
a sealer. That will be the
next step. 

Hoping you are all staying



wisps of words said…
Not on computer as much,
due to *achy* back.
But reading some blogs,
And hate to read,
Without even a tiny comment.
(And I composed my Sig. Line, before I saw yours!!!! -grin-)
Stay safe
Stay home
Brian said…
You sure know how to make things look so nice!
Christine said…
Love the table, stains and all.
Ann said…
I've had the same issues with allergies.
That table looks great even with the detergent spot on the top. It makes it unique.
Liz A. said…
A little imperfection makes the finished piece all the more interesting.
Darla M Sands said…
Embracing imperfections is the commendable Japanese aesthetic known as wabi-sabi. ~grin~ You're so creative. Be well, my dear.
Sandee said…
Love the table and love your view. Views are a wonderful thing.

We are staying home and doing what we're supposed to do. It's what everyone should do if they can.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to all the babes, especially Lily Bit. ♥
Jeanie said…
That table is a project! But so special as it's part of the family. I can't wait to see how the top turns out!

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