Door Decor, No Travel, Smiles

Morning home bound bloggers!

Hoping all are well. Me....
just hanging out. 

I was tagged on FB on 
this cool project.

(pic from FB)

Image may contain: flower, plant and outdoor

That is pretty neat. But
it made me stop and think
that as of yet I have not
hung anything on my front
door. I need either a spring
door decor or my Easter decor. 
HAHA....I think they are down
stairs in a box.

Yesterday (Thursday)
~ our Governor
finally got on the boat so 
to speak and mandated a 
stay at home order. 

(pic from FB)
Image may contain: 4 people, text

I started my stay at home
earlier in the week when the 
seasonal asthma kicked in.
I really need to be at the other
house working, and I am hoping
that if I head that way I will not 
be arrested! haha

I do need to go to Kroger 
drive up for my inhaler. So
that is considered essential. 
Kroger is between my house
and my house....I guess I need
to name my homes with 
mom's being house #1
and my older place as #2..
I even confuse me. 

If you are needing sweet
fur babe pics jump over
to the furs blog at 
Hoping that they can
bring a smile to your
face during these times
of confusion and fear.
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Jeanie said…
It sounds like a good day for you. I'm glad you finally have Stay at Home. If everyone does it, we may get out of this OK.
Christine said…
Stay safe Pam
Ann said…
I absolutely love the sunflower door decor. I wonder what they used for the center.
There is a stay at home order in place here but people are still moving from place to place. The traffic is WAY down though.
Pilar said…
Cute sunflower! Stay well and safe Pam!
Brian said…
I'm glad you are okay! Our Governor still hasn't issued a stay at home order. Most businesses are closed so he gets credit in the media for a "partial". Yesterday there was a multi-family yard sale in our area and it was packed. Lowes is packed (we saw on TV) with people getting their garden goods, there wasn't 6 inches between people let alone 6 inches. I saw someone on Facebook said you can't fix stupid and apparently you can't contain it either. Oh well. Stay safe, healthy and virus-free.
Adorable sun flower wreath. Allergies have been crazy with the pollen here. Marty's is starting to lighten up now, thank the Lord. I have been having to take an allergy pill daily. But gladly will do that compared to the alternative of things. Hoping you have a good week Pam. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
wisps of words said…
A real stay at home order.

But essentials are essential.

Stay safe!
Liz A. said…
I haven't noticed any issues when travelling around here. Of course, your state might be different. I think you should be OK going to your house from your house, especially if it is just you.
Sandee said…
I hope you are doing well, Pam. All is well here. We are finding ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained at home.

Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. Scritches to all the babes. ♥

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