The Virus, The Coffee Table, The Table, Chili

Such a bad time in 
the worlds history. 
We all know it, we
are all facing it.

The young lady, the
bride, I worked with her
at the Blind School. 
Her Dad (older man
in blue on the end) 
has the virus. Her,
hubby and mom have
been exposed. They were
treating Dad from home 
till the day before yesterday.
He got where he would
not response. He was
taken to ER while his
family sat in the car. Yes,
its that bad. Anyway, report
yesterday said he is doing 
some better.
Today is Jenny's bday 

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I normally do not have
a coffee table. My living
room was just a tad more
narrow then it is at this 
house. I decided it would
be nice to have one, and 
BAM, moms cedar chest 
was still sitting there.

Not a fan of the finish.
This is how mom painted it
years ago when those kits 
came out for antiquing 
furniture. You would
paint the item a base coat
then dry brush another 
color lightly over the base

No photo description available.

This was dry brushed with gold.
The back was never painted 
cause it sat up next to the wall.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

Primed and painted.

Image may contain: people sitting

Yep, top is not done yet 
but like the piece I am 
working on in the kitchen
I will cover it with 
tongue and grove wood.
I will stain that wood.

Back is painted now.

Image may contain: indoor

And this is also great cause
I have stored blankets and throws
inside and out of sight.

Had this little table that
mom had in the basement.
It actually belonged to
my granny. Mom stripped
it years ago and then never
did anything else with it.
She had laundry detergent
sitting on it.

Image may contain: indoor

And this is what happen
due to the detergent.

Image may contain: outdoor

Same primer and 

No photo description available.

Table is going to the garage
in a bit and the top will be
sanded, then I will stain and
seal it. 

Image may contain: indoor

Since the island in the kitchen
has been primed, I think I will
work on painting it next. 
Top is done except the sealing.
Sort of holding off on the finish
of this till I get the doors made.
Holding off on that cause I 
still have stuff stored in 
the garage and I don't
want to throw saw dust all
over and its just way to cool
to do it outside. 

I did make it over
to the other house
yesterday and  painted
over there some.

COOL....yes, cool.
So much so I made a
pot of chili. Got all the 
way through winter without
making any, probably been 
a couple of years.  DINNER
is ready. 

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Jeanie said…
The "Coffee table" looks great. I love having storage used in this way.

I feel for your friend's family. This is pretty grim and I think it will get worse. Please stay well.
You did some great work with the furniture! I pray he gets better......yum chili
Sally said…
Well, I hope it all makes sense one day, Pam.

We have two cedar chests here; one was Mom's, and the other she and Dad had given to my daughter. There are so many things stored in them; one day I'll go through my mother's again. I have dance costumes from when I was a child, etc. And, my parent's letters from back during war time.

You're been busy, yet I sure hope you don't over do it.

Liz A. said…
Looks like your projects are coming along. Yay. Something to keep you busy.
DMYC said…
I hope the dad gets better. I love that table. Well done.

Have a fabulous day and stay well. ♥
Rhodesia said…
All looking great. Stay safe and isolated, it is worth it. Take care Diane
Ann said…
Great idea for a coffee table. That little table is fabulous and I like the legs painted white like that. Are you going for a dark color stain for the top?
Sue said…
Everything looks great, Pam, I love to refinish furniture, but haven't done any in a few years1 You Mom's treasures have found a lovely place to abode.
Chili sounds nice!
Thanks for the encouragement with the words on paper.
Thank you for visiting me and for your sweet comment.
Brian said…
We hope that special Dad can fight off that evil virus. Your coffee table looks fabulous!!!
Christine said…
Best wishes to your friend's dad. Stay safe.
Pilar said…
You did a.great job with the furniture Pam. Prayers for your friend's dad. I haven't made chili in a long time.
CHERI said…
I'll be glad when I can get to WalMart and purchase some paint...I have some projects I need to do, too. Your table is looking good. I have a Lane cedar chest given to me by my mother and stepfather when I was in high school. I've always hated it, but think it would be pretty painted. I think my mother would be very upset if I did paint it, so I will wait until she is singing with the angels and then I might try. Knowing her, though, she'll come back to haunt me! She always has known when I was doing something she didn't like!!!!! Stay well....this mess is just awful!
Kim said…
Love the makeovers. I always wanted a chest...Hope her dad is feeling better now...
This virus is so sad and I'm so worried for my family and the world. Praying for Jenny's family. You certainly have been keeping busy. Take care and stay well.

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