Did not get any packing or
moving done after work

But I did get some errands 

I made Valentine flowers
for my nephew Sean and 
a bunch for mom and dad.

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

Hard to believe that Seany Boy would be
35 yrs old this past Dec. I had to laugh
today thinking about him being amazed
that his hair would come out when he pulled
on it. Sean was four when we found out
he had cancer. He was gone at 8.

I did add a balloon to mom and 
dads bunch for my mom. Although
I am more at peace these days, I 
still cry, I still miss her.

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Mom was not a fan of roses. Her
and I both thought the smell
reminded us of ....funeral homes. 
Not being crazy about roses I 
went with these instead. 

I went another way home today
that I don't normally go....
cause, I have been noticing
this from the interstate.

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Was not really sure what it was
so I took this route home to 
go by and check it out. If you 
know what this is, the name, please

While headed to this spot
I noticed this painted on the
fence in a yard. 

Image may contain: outdoor


Now, did you know this?
Might need to keep some
on hand and see how true this

Image may contain: possible text that says 'DID YOU KNOW? Eating just 2 Pistachios before bed... Helps with sleep as they are the most melatonin rich food ever recorded. Eating a whole handful of pistachios is like a high-dose melatonin supplement! DAODROPS. COM'

If you by chance give this
a try before me..
let me know what you think.

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Jeanie said…
I didn't know that about pistachios. I think I'll have some right now!

And carnations are always a good idea!
Christine said…
Sad about Sean
Ann said…
Those flowers are pretty.
I don't know what that is but it looks like some kind of silo
Darla M Sands said…
I am thinking along the same lines as Ann. And Sean's story is heartbreaking. ~hugs~ I think you know my opinion on carnations. :) Mine *still* smell good after weeks and weeks! I'm so glad you feel more at peace.

As for your kind query, I do have social anxiety. It got better once I left the work force (with the kept promise I would get off the powerful meds that kept me going). With all the crap that happened to us in 2019 my husband suggested I go back on medication (!), a telling sign it was a good idea. Staying home is still preferred by far, though. Thank you so much for asking, my dear.
Sandee said…
I need to visit some graves in the near future. It's been a long time. Thanks for the reminder.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to all babes. ♥
Brian said…
We didn't know about Sean, that's super sad. We didn't know about pistachios either, must be a lot we don't know!
The flowers are lovely. That is so sad about Sean. ((Hugs)) Love the fence artwork. I didn't know that but I do eat pistachios.
Liz A. said…
I did not know that about pistachios. I'll have to let some sleep-deprived people know this.

Do you have a fence you need painted? I see a project in your future.

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