Event, Santa and Dress

Yesterday Julie and I went to 
an event put on by 
Friends of The TN School for the Blind.
Brunch and Bid.

The table settings were so
Image may contain: tablepretty.

Image may contain: plant, tree, snow, outdoor and nature

25 different baskets, certificates and crafts 
went up for a Live Auction.

No photo description available.

Food was great. That mac and cheese
was made from scratch.

Image may contain: people sitting and food

Santa was the best.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting

Course Julie and I can't
pass up a chance to have our
pic made with Santa!

Image may contain: Pam Montgomery Jackson and Julie Tucker, people smiling, people standing

I am not sure what was raised
for the school but when a homemade
cake goes for $110 bucks, I am 
sure they did great.

Local artist here in Nashville
whose daughter I worked with
at the school had a ink and 
watercolor pic of the bell
tower in front of the school.
It went for $1200.00. The 
gentleman that bought it is
blind, can see very little.
He used to be the super
at the school. He bought and 
then presented it back to the 
school to hang in the lobby.
Sorry, I failed to get pic.

I saw this on FB.
I am on a page for the Love of
Old Homes and from time
to time they post other
stuff. 1950's party dress.
I would wear this today.

No photo description available.

Yesterday we topped out at 74 degrees.
Today's high will be a whopping 44!

Tidbit of info I just heard
on the news. 
Gaylord Opryland Hotel in 
Nashville has put up 3
MILLION lights around
the hotel. Beautiful place
to visit. I have a shoot out there
Dec. 7th for family pics.

Hoping you have an awesome day.


Rain said…
Those table settings are really pretty! Very festive. And that dress! Yes, I'd wear it today too! Probably vacuuming lol! :)
Sandee said…
How fun and the food looks great. All those baskets. Way cool. We do raffles with our yacht club and they are always a big hit.

I love that party dress and I'd wear it too. Beautiful.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the babes. ♥
Liz A. said…
That temperature range sounds like our days lately. Wake up to it being in the 50s, reaches high 70s (80s maybe tomorrow) by the afternoon, back to the 60s before bed.

That is a great dress.
Awe...what a nice event and I love the centerpiece on the table. Too cute and so simple. I love me some Santa too Pam. I was in Walmart last year and Santa was walking around the store so YES...I just had to get my picture with Santa. Girl, I asked to do a cake for an auction and invited to attend the event. It was for First Coast Women's Services. Such an awesome and worthy cause. So I made a cake from scratch, put lots of time in it and a little money. But it was for a worthy cause. They were bidding on weekend hunting trips, week beach vacations as well as paintings, lots of themed baskets that different ones made and donated. So time they got to the cakes I thought they wouldn't go for too much cause dang...everyone was broke by that time. LOL! Girl, my cake went out with a big of $1200. There was 8 cakes total and mine was 2nd highest bid. All I could do was pray....LORD HELP MY CAKE TASTE GOOD! LOL! Looks like you had lots of fun Pam. Love the pictures. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! Great fundraiser.
Christine said…
wow the holiday season is underway and not even your Thanksgiving yet!
Ann said…
Wow, $110 for a cake? I wouldn't want to eat it. That's great that the painting sold for so much too. It seems way to early to have Christmas themed parties but I guess it's getting to be that time of year.
I love that party dress
Brian said…
That is one cool Santa dude! The Dad stayed at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel several times back in his work days and says it's a pretty cool place.
You're right, the decorations are very cute. The basket is cute too! Food also looks yummy. Glad you had a nice time. The dress is beautiful.
Those table settings look very nice.
That 1950's party dress looks great.

All the best Jan
R's Rue said…
Jeanie said…
What a lovely venue and time you had!

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