Other Son by Another Mother / Wedding

Sitting out on the deck Tuesday I 
got a private message on FB
chat from this handsome guy.

This is Russ, my other son by
another mother.  Actually, Russ is
my son's best friend and he was
Cory's best man. We met for the first
time in 2011 and hit it off.
Russ lived in SD, Calif. then but
a couple of years ago he moved
back to Texas. 
He travels some for work and 
just happened to be 45
mins from me in TN.
I have not seen Russ in four
years so I asked if he had plans
for dinner. I told him I would
come his way. I met him at his 
hotel and this sweetie took me to 
dinner when I was planning on taking
him. It was awesome seeing him.

This evening I wanted to 
make a new door hanger for 
my front door for Halloween.

I am on the frame kick...
this is a cheap plastic 
black frame~ 1.00.
Ribbon ~ 1.00,
Spiders (6 to pack) ~ 1.00
To things of black roses~
2.00. And the bells ~1.00.
Total 6.00.

I have an adorable one I usually
use but I sometimes like 
to change things up.

I had to go with the purple!!!
And although I HATE spiders I love
to use them in decor at Halloween.
This is all the decor I will be 
putting up.

Yesterday (Sat) I assisted on another 
wedding. They had their photographer
but I always try to take a few cell 
shots. Julie had the place very
fall looking...love it.

Here is an oak tree Julie dug
up for the bride and groom.

What a cool thing to do for
your wedding.

Check out the most adorable
ring bearer. The brides and
grooms son, Gabe.

It is the unplanned things
that take place during a wedding 
that can be funny, cause stress
or is just totally 

This fell in the 

Then the offer came
to have Gabe (little one)
join in on mom and dads

Such an unplanned and 
amazing gesture and it made
Gabe's day to be included. 

Today, Sunday I will be assisting in 
an afternoon wedding. 
I love assisting, its not hard, we just
make sure that everyone from the 
bride and groom to their guest
have water, tissues, etc. 
We sometimes help with the kids
esp around the pond but Gabe was
the best little man. 
We make sure that as the wedding
is wrapping up the 
cupcakes, or in this case
donut holes were set out and 
drinks were prepared. 
We have fun and I love
that I am helping to make the
couples day go without a hitch.
So far in all that I have
assisted in have been different.


Ann said…
How nice that you were able to get together with your son from another mother. Sweet of him to take you to dinner.
That frame for your door turned out really cute. I love how you can put something together inexpensively and it still looks fantastic.
Brian said…
How cool you had a fun visit! That wedding looks like it was very nice!
Debbie said…
the groom extending his hand to his son is such a beautiful, candid capture. probably the best picture they will have!!

your other son, looks like he really loves you!!!
Pilar said…
It sounds like you had a nice visit!
Darla M Sands said…
What a nice reunion. And wedding. :)
Rain said…
Oh Pam, those photos of the drinks and drink table are fabulous, well done! And woof! Russ is a cutie! ;)
That was so sweet of Russ. Your Halloween decoration is really cute. The wedding looks beautiful. Enjoy your day!
Lovely to meet you today Pam. Such a sweet photo of the wedding dance - full of love.
wisps of words said…
What a sweetheart your "other son" is! To make contact and take you to dinner!

You captured sweet pics, at the wedding.

Christine said…
Beautiful wedding!
Liz A. said…
Love the Halloween door hanger. It must be fun to help with the weddings.
Nikki-ann said…
What a wonderful man :)

I love your Halloween door hanger.

Great wedding photos!
Aww, that was nice that you were able to get together with your son from another mother.
Love your Halloween decoration, and the wedding looks beautiful.

All the best Jan
CHERI said…
Well, you certainly had a handsome dinner date:) It's so wonderful when the "young folk" think about us "more mature folk":) The wedding pictures are great! I am still envious of your talent:)
Jeanie said…
I love the idea of an oak tree. And isn't it fun to have a son by anther mother?
Sally said…
Now, that is one adorable little guy. Goodness gracious!

Nice to give the couple a little tree. :)


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