Painted Rug/ Cardinal and Friends

I had several not so productive
days....haha okay I admit
it there are always a lot
of those. 

When I feel decent I have
to weigh my TO DO LIST
DO LIST to see what
I can get done in a day.

Yesterday morning I made 
coffee and washed some dishes
then I was ready for a nap...
and it was not even
9:30 in the morn.

I laid down for a bit then I 
ran to a friends to let
their dogs in. 
Back home.

I was up, and I was 
moving so I decided 
gaging my pain that I needed
to push and do something.
I picked something off

Last yr I painted a worn 
faded looking rug on 
my deck. 
I managed that but
never got around 
to sealing it.
With the winter, walking
on it, it wore more
even though the deck
is covered. I decided although
I love the worn look
I needed to go with bright
and fun.
So I pulled out my paints...
been months, and 
started on the new rug.

It still has a little
worn look to it cause
I am painting on 
weathered board. Matter of
fact, this house was built
in the mid 80s and these
boards are the original.


Still not done. It took
the better part of the day.
The red was put on thick
and in places it took
awhile to dry so that was
the time of 
"watching paint dry"!

Then I stenciled on 
paisley design, just the 
outer edge. It was a mess 
trying to stencil in the center,
the wood is so worn that it 
just was not working.
So I painted to inside of them
a soild color and I am 
going to go back and 
paint in some sort of 

Before I started the
rug project I did my
morn coffee on the deck.
I had lost interest with so
much lately and I am working
to try and correct that.
Morning on the deck 
with coffee and furbabes
was one of the lost

Yesterday though while
laying in the hammock 
I had a visitor to the feeder.

It even presented me
with a lovely song
before proceeding to 

Still feeling half way
decent I went to the dock
to here the 
Old Hickory Boys

Being there was an event
on the lake yesterday the
place at Fishtails and 
Cedar Creek was packed.

They added a Pontoon Saloon.

Several classmates there since
the OH Boys went to 
school with us all.

This is Me and Bubba.

Me and Regina.
Regina lost her hubby
about 3 yrs ago and here 
and some of her neighbor
friends came.

This is one of Reginas 
neighbors. Such a fun 
woman. We hit it off 

Through the music we talked
and it came out that 
I was a photographer
so she now has my card
since she has a son
graduating in 2020! 

Also talked with the drummer of
the group. He knows James and 
Julie from the post office where
James works. He is retired and 
does video's on the side.
So funny that came out cause
Julie and I had just been
discussing that they
needed a short commerical 
type video of 
Tn Tiny Weddings!
Okay, so I working the 
crowd and drumming up 
business for the two of

 Got in really late, slept
in this morn. Forgot to wear
my CPAP machine
last night so I woke
with a horrible headache.
Coffee right now.
Heading to let
James and Julies furbabes
in when coffee is done.
Then.....I will be taking
it easy the rest of the day.

Have a great 


Brian said…
That red deck is way too cool and I do like the boat bar!
Rhodesia said…
Just rest when you have to, much the best. Keep well, Diane
The painted rug is super fun, particularly with the bright color! The paisley is a really fun addition. The male cardinals are so handsome. It looks like a fun night with the band!
wisps of words said…
You got a rug painting project done. Wonderful... And got out for some fun. Also wonderful...

Mmmmm, did you answer my question, of are you still working? Maybe you did, in my comments, but I didn't understand it? lol You had something in my comments, that I didn't understand. But I can be dense, so that's nothing new.

And thank you so much, for answering, in my comments!!!! Thank you!!!

Hope tomorrow is a good day.

Gentle hugs...
Ann said…
Cool looking painted rug. Sounds like you had a good time getting out, seeing people and drumming up business.
Liz A. said…
Glad to hear you got a chance to do a fun project. I used to take all my projects and to-dos and would create a list. They would get rankings from "will do" to "would like to do but probably won't have time to do". It was one way of figuring out what could and could not get done in a day.
Betsy said…
What a neat idea to paint on your deck. I really like that. I wish I felt like doing projects. I am painting the little cottage as I call it in the yard because I have too. I really wish I could get back to wanting to create.
Getting out and listening to music, relaxing and chatting up with friends is a great way to spend an afternoon.
Darla M Sands said…
So sorry sleeping without your Cpap machine gave you a headache. ~hugs~ Here, it just means I get less sleep if hubby forgets his. Heh... As always, you rock!
NanaDiana said…
Love the painted deck. Glad you are getting things done but sorry about the sleep issues. Sometimes life gives us things that are hard to bear! I hope you have a good week~and thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. xo Diana
wisps of words said…
From your comment, in my blog; "Molly put down..." What did I miss, again???????????????????
wisps of words said…
And thank you for being a "True Blue" Old Fashioned Blogging person!!!!!!!

And agree, use the person's comments, to clear things up. To answer questions. Etc. I'm not one, for lots of e-mailing. :-)
Sally said…
Once again, Pam, showing some of your incredible art. I love the rug on the boards, so pretty and not something an average person would think to do. You really are something, my friend.

I hope you're feel better by now although I know it's difficult for you a lot of the time. I'm sorry about that. :(
Jeanie said…
I like the red. And yes, when you have a good day, you grab it and keep going -- you sure did!

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