Yesterday ~ Necklaces and Prayer Blankets

So how long does
your hugs last?

Friday, Saturday and 
yesterday I was taking
care of Laney

and Rain.

My friends Julie and James
were in a class those days. 
They would leave these two in 
the fence when they left
in the morning and 
before the heat of the 
day kicked in I went and 
let them in.

Yesterday I got there to let
them in and saw this
on the outdoor table.

I played with the girls a bit
before opening my gifts.

But was a surprised when 
I did.

As Julie put it, Rain and Laney
knew I liked BLING
and Jewerly. 

I love them both.

After leaving the dogs I 
met my sis in law
to have lunch.
Lunch in which she 
wanted to treat me to.

After lunch I went 
by my friend Treva's house
to pick up a prayer
blanket that she made for

Isn't this beautiful?


Oh Treva~

But for the second time
Sunday I was surprised.
Treva made me one also.

She is the sweetest,
loving and caring.
Thank you so much.

I feel so loved by my friends. 



Julie Tucker said…
Pam you are such a blessing to everyone you meet! You are just the best. You give and share all the time, so it's neat to see some special gifts, covered with lots of love coming your way.
I have got to say that the Prayer Blankets are AMAZING! Totally amazing and absolutely beautiful.
You have an awesome day and keep those blogs coming!
P.S. Consider yourself hugged from everyone at The Bright Place for at least a minute!!!
Betty said…
Everyone needs a hug. The quilt is so pretty, my cousin makes all kinds and she made one like that last year for her Son.
Liz A. said…
How very sweet. You've got some good friends.
Brian said…
Such sweet pups and a beautiful gift.
Ann said…
What a wonderful day you had. How wonderful to have such thoughful and caring people in your life.
As for hugs, I didn't realize they had medicinal properties. I'm thinking that for most people a 20 second hug might get a little uncomfortable.
wisps of words said…
You take care of others, and they take care of you. :-)

Must remember to make hugs last _longer_!!!!

Re: the animals. Still want to scold you, about letting them, disrupt your sleep. Sleep is so very important. Bet you don't tell your docs, about how you do not sleep, do you? Hmmmmm...? Do you....? Hmmmmm...?

I know, I am a very bossy woman. And I give too much advice. I know. I know.


It's just!

Because I know how everything should work! LOL







Friendship is such a beautiful and precious thing. I'm glad that you are blessed with people who love and care for you. Have a wonderful week.
Rhodesia said…
Lucky lady, wonderful friends and fabulous gifts. I am more than sure you deserve every one of them - friends and gifts. Hugs Diane
Sally said…
You are truly a gift to those who know you; heck you're a gift to me when I come here. I'm glad you're appreciated, Pam. :)
Jeanie said…
What a wonderful day! And oh, those necklaces are so very beautiful! I love them!

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