Front/Back Door/ Hall Divider/ Rose

In my post the other day I 
showed you the colors that
are popular for front doors
right now.

With that one of the bloggers
said they would be interested to see
what I decided to go with.
I was not redoing my door.
Mine is already a brick red, matched
to one of the bricks surrounding
my porch.

But it started out white.

The color I went with below.

But knowing me, you know I was
not going with just that color!

I had to add something and I did
it in white.

Why this quote?
Well, I love the Wizard of Oz.
And one day coming home from
a Calif. trip to visit my son,
and spending 7 days out there
I made this comment as I 
unlocked my front door.

I knew then it needed to be
added to the door.

Without going to the deck and 
taking a pic.....
oh what the heck....
The back door.

So....nope, I did not go with a wild
color. I did not go with the purple 
color but then again, my doors
were painted years ago.

My friend Chris knows that I have
struggling this year with so
many things so the other
day I bought me a rose bush.

Months ago before mom went in 
the hospital in Dec. I made this
piece to be hung between the 
living room and the hall.
I stained it and hung it
a couple weeks ago.

Here is a shot (over look the 
clothes) going from the 
living room to the hall into 
the kitchen.

I wanted it broken up a bit,
haha most folks want a 
easy flow from one room
to the other....NOT ME!

I actually have two wreaths I 
purchased to decorate, I plan
on hanging one on each side.

I have been pulling a few things
out here and there to 
but I don't want to just give away
to Goodwill. My daughter was
wanting to have a yard sale but
I rather not really deal with that.
Bigger things have been put on 
FB Marketplace, and I dropped
a load off of smaller things at Goodwill.
Posted a few items yesterday and today
I made $15.
Not a bad deal. I just have the
folks wanting to buy meet me
at the restuatant down the street so 
 I don't have a lot of folks 
coming to the house.


I do like the quotes on the doors, and they are so true.
What a lovely pink rose that looks …

All the best Jan
Ann said…
I've been thinking of putting something on my front door in vinyl. I was thinking Welcome all who enter here, or something like that.
Pretty rose bush.
With all the cleaning out I've done I didn't want to take things to Goodwill. I did sell some but a lot just went in the trash because neither my son or daugther wanted them. I don't want the hassle of doing a yard sale, that's just too much work
Sandee said…
I love the color of your front door. Beautiful.

The flowers are so pretty.

I'm the gentle flow from one room to another. I like the open look too. We all know what we like and that's a good thing.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the babes. ♥
Brian said…
Love the color choice for the door! We like the Wizard too.
Christine said…
Have fun decluttering. Your front door looks good.
Liz A. said…
That is a great way to get rid of stuff. And I like the ladder thingy in the hall. It did need a little something.
I love what you did with your front door Pam! A rose bush is a wonderful gift to receive. You are so creative. I can't wait to see the wreaths hung on your unique room divider.
Sally said…

Being tuckered out tonight, I'll be back to catch up!

Love your doors; you always make me smile.

CHERI said…
I love & collect quotes. I am wanting to redo a "lot" of things in our home and adding a quote might be a great idea. My granddaughter just designed and helped carry out a new bedroom design and had the quote ADVENTURE AWAITS put on her wall. She is always an adventure waiting to happen:)
Darla M Sands said…
Our local police have a monitored stretch of street marked outside the station for meeting strangers for exchange of goods. :) You're so creative! I hope life gets a little easier.
wisps of words said…
Very cute way to personalize your doors. Have never seen this done before! Can you start a trend????

wisps of words said…
Oh no! Please don't have ANY buyer, coming to your house!!!!

I love the doors, they look amazing!
Jeanie said…
Your door is VERY cheerful! And I do love that rose!

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