Art Date with Rain- Garden

Well since I have not been
playing or working in my gardens
this year so I am 
showing my art work 
for Rain's Art Date - Garden.

I painted this one several years
ago for my mom for 
either Mothers Day or 
her Bday. It is still hanging
at her house but I will be bringing 
it home soon.

This is another painting I did.
Hangs in my bedroom.

This also was a paintng for my mom.
This was one she requested. 

A few shots from my garden.
Egyptain Bean Vine.


And a view of the garden from 
the side of the shed.

My gardens consist of flowers. a pot here is last yrs
veggie garden.

Jump on over to Rain's 
Art Date and check out the 
other folks 

Be sure and leave a comment,
or maybe how about play along and 
include some pics from your garden,
or paint us a pic!


R's Rue said…
Christine said…
Beautiful garden inspired post Pam. Just beautiful photos. Don't forget to link up to Rain's post.
Your artwork is so beautiful Pam. I love the array of color tones in the different pieces giving them different vibes. The garden is look really pretty as summer fills in.
Sally said…
Your artwork always amazes me, Pam. So much talent you have in so many different areas? LOVE them all!

I'll hop over to the site you mentioned.

Brian said…
WOW, very impressive, your paintings are as pretty as your photos!
Sandee said…
I love all the beautiful flowers. They make me smile.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. ♥
Christine said…
Pam I added your link to Rain's art date hope that's ok!
Rain said…
Hi Pam! :) I LOVE your paintings!!! You're so good! They really are very lovely, thank you for joining in this week! Your bean vine is really cool. I love the side of your shed! Especially the birdhouse and the sun art!! :)
Rhodesia said…
Photos and artwork excellent well done. Have a good weekend, it is nearly here, Diane
Ann said…
Wonderful paintings. You're very talented
lissa said…
Your garden looks great!

Have a lovely day.
Liz A. said…
Very nice.
Sandra said…
So lovely to see your paintings and also different corners of your garden!
Cathy Kennedy said…

I'm playing catch up with TADwRain. I love your paintings, especially the chair and daisies - very nicely done! Your real garden looks lovely, too. I don't have much of a green thumb. Thanks for sharing and have an artistic week!

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