Deck Time - Coffee/Hammock/Animals/Candy/ RAINS ART DATE -


For those of you sweet bloggers that
have been following me since
last summer you know being retired
I started all my mornings on the 
deck with coffee, laptop and 
furbabes. With that said you also know
that the deck was slow in coming around
this yr. Usually I had it ready in March and 
would bring a throw out to cover up with on 
cooler morns. 
Yep, got the deck up and going last 
week. But with the way life has
been my heart was not in it. 
Course working now throws that
off also. 
Well, IT'S FRIDAY and I 
don't work so here I am~

(for those wondering..haha if any- that
is a clay pot sauce that I painted 
last yr for coasters on the deck)...

Coffee on the deck!
I had planned on making it to 
TN School for the Blind's
graduation this morning but
I stayed out on the deck late last night
and due to CRAP I mean,
beautiful spring like items
in bloom I woke with a major
rear kicking headache, and eyes
glued together. I am.
Allergy pill taken, nose spray done,
coffee, laptop, radio on with sounds
filtering out to the deck, birds singing,
crows yacking and my furbabes....
VEGGING on the deck.
I decided since I was not going to 
graduation I would honor all
those seniors by drinking out 
of my TSB cup.

I keep going back to you folks that
have been reading my blog for a bit
but by now you know, I am a flip
flopper! I flip from this to that in
the space of a few seconds, being in 
a converstaion with me can be fun
for those trying to keep up!
But I do that in my blogging also...
I start out sharing things like pics
of 50's style dresses, pics of my churches
or mailboxes.....but I never stick with 
it for long and I FLOP right over
to something else. 
thank you for keeping up 
with me!
I hope that I keep you entertained at 

One of the things I think I blogged
about last yr was that I wanted to 
make a swinging bed for my deck.
Wow....sounded great but my days of
making something like that does not
go over too well. Plus, I looked at my
space on the deck and decided that it
would crowd me even more 
then it does now.

So...thanks to being in California in 
the mountains last July with my
son's amazing friends I realized
that I don't need to be afraid of
flipping out of a hammock!

Last night I installed this.

I have it hooked up in a way that when I 
want to sit in the glider or chair
I can unhook
the end closer to the door
and hook it over a hook out of 

So hence the reason allergies have
kicked in this morning...

I laid out in the hammock till late
last night.

The pic below is me this morning.

I normally don't have furbabes
on this blog cause, well you all know
that my furbabes have their own
blog and are well loved on 
social media. Not just blogland
but they have a following on FB

Molly is finding her spot to lay in 
the pic below.

Yep....the KING 
has claimed his spot.

The princess is 
taking it easy.

Chey-bella claimed her cushion.

Right now it is 76 degrees and a cool
slight breeze. I have lots to do in 
the house but will remain here, letting
my allergy meds take hold till
the temps jump up.
Yesterday rain came in and temps
dropped from 93 to in the 80s and
will remain in the mid 80s today.
Its the humid that gets us here
in TN....yesterday, there was NONE
and it was GREAT!

I have been reading about these on 
FB and hearing about them on the news. know me, I had to try them.
but way to sweet for me.
I will finish them up cause the taste
is great but 
I will not purchase again. 
I like sweet, this is to sweet!

What is your weather like today?
What are you plans for the weekend?
Have you tried anything new lately?

OOPS....totally forgot to play 
along with Rain's Art Date
YESTERDAY so adding it 
(using paints from my past..
hoping that is okay with Rain)

This is the first SEA sort of 
painting I did in oils.

second one in oils.

This is arcylics. 

 also acrylics. 

Sorry such a long blog!
Hope you enjoyed.


wisps of words said…
LOVE that back porch! And all the joy you get out of it!!!!

Who doesn't flip-flop, from one interest to another???? You mean, some people, do not?????????????????

Well I do, for sure! I go from decluttering, to Neatness a la Marie Kondo, to gotta' get a cleaning schedule, to WHY? Etc. Etc. Etc.

And my blog reflects, my prancing from one topic, to another.

You mean, some people stick to ONE topic????????????

Red Rose Alley said…
I saw the word "coffee" on your post, and came right over cause I love coffee!! That's nice that you start your mornings on the deck with coffee. What a cute picture of you relaxing in the hammock. I used to have one at our old house, and I sure miss it. The orange Twizzlers sound Yummy. I'll have to get them sometime. I love that painting you did of the mermaid. Did I ever tell you that I used to collect mermaid items? I gave some of them away, but I still love mermaids.

Have a good weekend, Pam.

What a cute coaster idea! How fabulous to have a hammock to enjoy each day. The furbabies are adorable. Perfect summer paintings! Your posts are always entertaining Pam! I hope you feel better soon.
Liz A. said…
I'm glad the hammock works for you. A much simpler solution.

Our weather? Overcast/gray. Again. We got some sun yesterday, so maybe later the marine layer will burn off. It could happen.
Brian said…
Flip floppin' with critters on the porch sounds totally wonderful!
Christine said…
Lovely sea creatures for Rain's art date!
Rhodesia said…
Great set of photos. Hope you are well, have a good weekend Diane
Ann said…
I would love to spend more time on my deck but there is no roof over it so I get the sun and rain and anything else. At night of course I get the bugs.
Cathy Kennedy said…

I'm delighted to reconnect with you. Its been awhile since I've visited you but you know how that goes you have a particular circle you travel. I believe last year or the year before A2Z challenge is what brought us together in the first place. Is that the way you remember it? Anywho, I love your art contributions for Rain's challenge. Did you take a look at my TADwRain week 3 art theme 'sea creatures' artwork? I hope you get a chance to drop by for a peek. Must dash for now. It's great seeing you again. We'll need to stay closer connected since we're practically neighbors. lol
I've never sat or lay in a hammock …
Lovely to see all of your photographs.

All the best Jan
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) Sorry I'm so late here!! :) I do love your artwork, the dolphin one especially! Bravo!!! Isn't painting with oils fun? :) A hammock set up on a screened-in porch is heaven...we have one too upstairs. This cottage we're renting is huge, it has a porch off the bedroom that we screened in the first summer we were here. We got the hammock up shortly after that and it's really fun to lie there at night watching summer thunderstorms! Your furbabes are really cute!

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