This, That, Yellow Bells and Sunset

Found a couple more
door decors that 
would be great to paint
once they are cut out
in wood. 

Spring flower!

Or a mason jar.

(Pinterest pics)

If you were not awear of
it my daughter gave me 3
boys then my she turns
around and marrys a man
with 4 boys!

The only ones that live with her
and Will are Amber's 3 but on weekends
when the others come over it 
can become a house full.

I saw this pic on PINTEREST and 
thought of her.

Might have to make her one
to go with her farmhouse

 I also saw this on FB this morning.
I thought of Julie at 
TN Tiny Weddings.
They have a wooden fence
like this.

Yesterday on the way to work I
stopped at Sonic and grabbed
a 1/2 and 1/2 tea.
Looked up as I was pulling out
and saw the sun rising.

I stopped at mom's to bring the 
trash cans up from the road
and I glanced in the back yard.
Isn't this so pretty?

Great thing about these bushes...
MANY, MANY years ago my mom 
got a clipping off my granddads yellow
bell bushes. I would say that she probably
got them after he past. That would have been
over 40 yrs ago. 
She would find baby ones coming up
from the original one she brought 
home and planted them through the 
yard. A few yrs ago she gave me
startings of two. One did not
make it but one has. It is still pretty
small (guess they grow slow) and it has
not bloomed yet. 

I am going to look and see if there
are any babes coming up so I 
can have some more or to give
to the nieces and my daughter. 

Last night, after a stressful afternoon
at home with the dogs I was at the farm
dealing with another stressful event when 
I was headed to the barn and saw this.

I had so wished this would make dealing 
with what was going on a little
easier.....but it did not.

Please jump over the the animal
blog to see the events of the evening.


Christine said…
Beautiful sunset!

The yellow forsythia bush is so pretty, doesn't last very long though.
Oh my the colour of the sky in your last photograph is so lovely.

All the best Jan
Brian said…
It sure is wonderful to see so many signs of Spring popping up!
7 boys in one gathering? That sounds like crazy fun! I love the yellow forsythia. It used to grow wild in my old woods up on Massachusetts. I cut some of them out to plant on my property line. They did amazing. So resilient!
Ann said…
I have forsythia growing along the one side of my house. I don't think it's even budding yet. That one at your moms is so pretty
Jeanie said…
That forsythia is dazzling. It will be some time before I see that here! I hope your day got better, even if the sunset didn't help.
Rhodesia said…
Stress seems to be following you around at the moment, take it easy and try to relax. Thinking of you Diane
Liz A. said…
You were out before dawn. I'm so, so sorry.

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