Hats, Hair and Ornaments

Been trying to make it a point to 
wear Santa hats when I go out.
I was going out last night and I had
to decide on which one to wear.
I like the bling shine of this one.

I think Lily liked it too.

But I like the red one the best. The point of
the hat hangs down the side more.

I was going to hear hand bells last night.
I think this makes the 4th yr I have done it.

They come to a church in the next town,
15 minutes away. They play free and you just
drop off a donation. They are amazing.

When I was a baby I had straight black
hair. As I grew and it grew it became
curly and lighter. As a toddler I had curls
all over my head. 
But, when I grew more, it got straighter.
Now, I have a natural wave after having 
straight as a board hair. I am trying to
learn to embrace that look.

I hate taking selfies....haha

Not sure how all you feel about this..

But I for one think there is a place
and time for a phone and in the 
john doing business is not the place! 

  While I have sat around for the last 
couple of days I have been looking 
at the tree and really enjoying it. 
Being retired as allowed me that choice 
where before I was always moving and 
grooving and really never enjoyed it 
as much as I have the last couple of yrs.

Here are some that bring back memories
and there are a lot cause most of mine 
having meaning.

One Christmas working at the TBI all employees 
were given this for a Christmas gift. I love it.

We sold these the yr I worked at the 
Blind School.

Got this next one from the Governors office
when I attended a Gov. Christmas party.

This one also. It is of the Governors home.

My boss in Photo Services gave me this
one Christmas.

I have mentioned it before that the three
stars are for the three section of the state...
West, East and Middle TN.
That is our state flag.

Loving my star. I made this last yr.
5 yard sticks from Lowes Hardware.
Electric staple gun to put it together since
the yard sticks are thin. Then I spray painted
it red, applied a 100 lights to it with 
same staple gun, taking care to not staple
through the wires. 

I put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving
and as of yet, I have not turned them off.
I ran by Lowes a week ago and grabbed
five more yard sticks and threw one together
for my daughter. They hung it on their front
deck as soon as I took it to them the other
day. Easy, simple and makes a statement. 

Here is hoping you are all enjoying the 
holiday season. Not pigging out of too 
much sweets! I am doing my best to 
avoid them as well as stratches but it is 
hard and I find myself cheating...

Cheers to you all.


Darla M Sands said…
You look so cute in and out of your hats! I like that blouse. But I have to ask, what are stratches? lol Do you mean starches? I'm not a big sweets fan but my hairdresser sent home a plate of homemade cookies I have to appreciate. Just what an overweight housewife and her diabetic husband need. Not. Heh... Merry Christmas!
We really like your hats and we love most anything Christmas too!
carol l mckenna said…
Adorable and fun Santa hats ~ great selfies ~ and lovely memory ornament photos ~ ^_^

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)
Christine said…
Fun with the santa hats!
Sally said…
Love your hats, Pam. You're so pretty!

It's wonderful that you have such meaningful ornaments on the tree.

I have the 'goods' to make some sweets, but like you I know I'll cheat. :)

(sending u an email)

Liz A. said…
A bit of a wave in the hair is stylish now. Definitely embrace it.

I do remember that star from last year.
Sandee said…
I love your hats. A lot. Keep up the good work.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Dakota and Lily. ♥
Ann Thompson said…
I love the waves in your hair. I've always had very straight hair. I would use a curling iron on it in the morning and within a couple hours it was straight again
I have newver been good at taking selfies! You do good with it. LOVE your Santa hat and it looks adorable on you! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
DeniseinVA said…
Pam, love your hats and ornaments and the story behind each one. The yard stick stars are really neat looking and are a great gift. The cartoon says it all. I love my iPhone but....lol! Love the sentiments in your signature. Have a wonderful holiday season.
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) Oh I love your selfies! You look so pretty, I like the third hat the best!! :) Your ornaments are cool, but that star you made - wow! What a great project!!! It looks fabulous!
Jeanie said…
You look really cute in that Santa hat! I love it. And like you, I love to turn down the lights and look at just the tree lights and decorations. Oh, it makes me smile big!
Love your Santa Hats.
Decorations on our trees can hold such special memories.

All the best Jan
Pilar said…
Beautiful selfies Pam! Your Santa hats look so festive!

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