Ornaments / Silly Faces

I am about done.
I have 4 more 
to go. 
Last night I did these.

Total ...

were six folks added
to my list this yr.
Amber married and added
Hubby and 4 boys.
My niece Paige added
her sweet little 
oops....just looking over
my list I realized that
I did not paint 
one for me yet.
I have 5 more
to do!

I was on Pinterest 
yesterday and noticed
some cool pics that
someone tagged.
Here is Julia Roberts.

Funny and cute I think.
I love Julia Roberts.

these are so cute
and would be so easy
to pull together. 

Thinking of building one of these.
A free library. 
Take a book,
leave a book. 

An idea in my mind to
work on for the winter
I can plant it next to 
my mailbox. 

Going to veg today....
my last 1.5 weeks have been
sort of non stop, something
going everyday. I am 
tired...I want to just
hang in the house on 
this wet cool day, going
to feed later in the day. 
Storms coming in tonight. 

Welcome to Monday folks. 
How is your day looking?


Sally said…
Your ornaments for 2018 are so cute!

Julia Roberts is probably my favorite actress, and that smile! :)
wisps of words said…
You are full of ornament-making-frenzy!!! :-) Or have been. Time to take a break! Yes it is! :-)

Day off here too. But the next door blasting has resumed, so it won't be a quiet one. Hahhhhh... The whole winter won't be quiet! When the blasting is done, the foundation, cellar, house, will begin going in and up! "Are we having fun, yet?" ,-)

Red Rose Alley said…
The painted ornaments are cute, Pam. You did a nice job making them. Those pics of Julia are hilarious. I've always liked her too, and her big smile. Those little snowman are so cute. They would be nice for someone having a woodsy theme in their home. Oh, I love those free libraries. That would be great if you made one, Pam. They are great for sharing books with others.

Christine said…
such cute ornaments!
MadSnapper said…
I love Julia and so does my hubby. the thing is, we both love Pretty Woman, not sure most men do, we have watched it at least 5 times since 1990... maybe more .. I think we have seen all her movies. she has a new series on Prime and it is horrible.
Sandee said…
I linked this to Awww Mondays. It's got aw all over it.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to the babies. ♥
Those ornaments are so darn cute!
Rhodesia said…
Love your Christmas ornaments they are so cute. Have a good week, Diane
Liz A. said…
Good job on the ornaments. Only five left at this date is excellent. You'll have them done in no time.
Darla M Sands said…
How do you find inspiration for each unique, adorable ornament? I swam laps this morning. Felt good. Be well!
How adorable those ornaments are! Girl, you do so good! I remember years ago some of us ladies getting together and having an ornament exchange but we had to make our ornaments. It was such a fun time. Miss those times. Now everyone just seems too busy. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Rain said…
Your ornaments are adorable! And I love those snowmen ones you found...I've been wanting to do some ornaments with little sticks for a long time now. Oh, I'm totally vegging out this ENTIRE month!!
Ann Thompson said…
That is a lot of ornaments. I have a snowman similar to the one in the picture. I bought it at a craft show lasg year
Brian said…
Seriously, those ornaments are so darn cute!
Jeanie said…
You are so productive. I wish I could channel some of your energy. And they're really cute, too!
I just love the painted ornaments :)

All the best Jan

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