Dolly Pics/Trees/ Sky and Cat

I posted pics
like this of Julia
Roberts the other day.
She is just beautiful and 
I love watching her act.
I understand that she is in 
a TV series this yr. I have
not seen it though.

Here is another one I 

I just love Dolly!

Yep.....but there are those

days that I feel like my
youth played a number on 
me by my aging!

I am on a FB page
I Just Love to Decorate
and I have been 
surprised at the amount
of folks that have put
up Christmas 

My daughter being one!
WHAT? Thought I 
taught her better!

I can't figure out how
they get all that on 
one tree.
Does your tree look like
Mine does....
Wait for it.............

Have you started decorating 
No....I still have
Halloween stuff up!
Need to work on taking 
that stuff down and getting 
it packed up.

My thoughts have always
been to do Christmas Thanksgiving
day or after...
however I have to admit that
seeing so many do it now 
makes me want to put mine
up and enjoy it.

Isn't this cute?

Used to put a small tree up
in my kitchen.....but this one
looks adorable.

I love this..

I put Christmas balls
in mine last yr. but I love
the cute little snowman.

Used to decorate the whole
downstairs and the kids
had small table top
trees in their room  Now
I am lucky to get the 
living room done.

Are  you into making cards?
If you are just sending out
a few, this would be cute.

I need to get my card
made into a card and 
go have prints made...
address them and be
ahead of the game!

So yesterday I headed to the barn
to feed and to hope
I could get Misfire in,
storms were coming in.
Problem~ since the four barn
buddies have left she don't
want to go in the barn
and be in there alone. 
But with the storms 
they were calling for I 
wanted her in.
Breada, the other horse 
owner decided to bring hers
in also....Misfire had no issues
going in then!

Apparently it hit all around us.
I heard thunder once.
We had major wind before the
actual event was to take
place, cold front moving in....
But nothing major happened here.

Saw this on FB....had to 
tag my daughter with this pic.

When Amber and Caleb lived
with me many yrs ago, Amber
was a storm watcher. Always 
coming up stairs to wake me 
and tell me it is getting bad
with tornados all around 
and I needed to come downstairs!
I would tell her come get
me right before it hits the 
She would get so mad at me.

My friend T (Theresa) has an older
Civic that don't run right
now and I keep telling her
that she needs to just sat
it in the yard and do this!

Yep....she is going for it!

I posted the pics of FB
that I put on here the
other day.

A friend thought that this 
pic would be awesome in 

And here it is~

She was posing for me...
haha actually she was avoiding
the camera. On most cameras 
a small light will come on and
most animals do not like it.
My daughter in law had a 
sheppard that disliked having
her pic made so much that she 
attacked my lens on my professional
Man, did I jump back when
I saw her coming at me!

Morning coffee in 
the living room this
morn. Not been able to 
do that on the deck in 
awhile....too cool in 
the mornings for me.

A week or so ago I saw
cabbage soup posted
on FB....
made me what some. 

Yesterday I went for it.
I added cabbage cut up 
to boiling water.
Then I sliced carrots to add
and last....smoked sausage.
Salt, pepper, basil and parsley...
oh and lets not forget hot
sauce sprinkled in.

Cooked that up for 
an awesome dinner.

Made some Jalepeno cornbread
to go with it. 
pinch of sugar
chopped jalepenos

Crumbled up in the bowl with 
soup over it...

Check out the babes.


Rhodesia said…
Now I must rush out and find a car wreck to cover in flowers ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love it. The cornbread sounds delicious. Hope you are feeling well Diane
Sandee said…
What a fun and happy post. I loved all the Christmas. It is a magical time of year.

The kitty looks good in color and black and white.

I linked this post to Happy Tuesday.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the babies. ♥
Sandra said…
when the hurricane was headed straight for us, bob did the same thing, went to bed and left me fretting... love the tree in the strainer pot, I might try that with a crystal bowl I have.
all the Christmas you showed is beautiful and if I were decorating it would be TG day or day after just like my mother did. it was always the day after TG and it came down on New Years day, mine stays ups until Feb
Christine said…
Yes, Christmas is coming!
Brian said…
Those decorations are beautiful and so is that Julia lady!
Ann said…
No Christmas decorating allowed here until after Thanksgiving dinner at the very earliest. I see so much of it in the stores for so long that by the time it comes around I'm just tired of seeing it all.
I love the kitchen tree. That is adorable
Liz A. said…
Apparently, there's a new thing for flat Christmas trees. For people in small spaces. Fake trees, obviously. I'm considering.

I've started listing my knitted ornaments already. I figure it's time. But I always held off decorating until December. I don't think I'll be decorating this year.
Darla M Sands said…
There is so much going on in your delightful post that I can only say I'm glad you seem to be feeling relatively well. ~hugs~ Take care, my dear.
Awe...there is so much in this post that I love! Speaking of Christmas...I always have waited til after Thanksgiving to put my tree up or decorate any but I am not doing that this year. Girl, it seems to take me all day now to do what it used to take me 2 hours to do! So, my tree is going up before Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy it a little longer this year. I love the Christmas tree being up and sitting in my recliner at night with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, blanket wrapped around my legs, Hallmark movie on and nothing but the Christmas lights on. YEP...that's my kind of chilling out. Love the Christmas tree picture but than dang colander is so adorable! I need to do that! Happy Day to you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Jeanie said…
Misfire is a pistol! I'm not ready for Christmas yet. I can't even cope with Thanksgiving being in a couple of weeks. Love the b/w of Shadow!
Sally said…
It saddens me when I see Christmas up in the stores two months ahead of time. That kind of thing is ridiculous. Our tree goes up after Thanksgiving also.

I love Dolly also; she's such a hoot. Remember her saying "it takes a lot of money to look this trashy"?

As you said on my page, SO glad the bashing of each other in the political ads is over.

The shops are looking very festive with all the Christmas goodies.
All I've bought so far is Christmas Cards …

All the best Jan

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