Birth/Bazaar/Stocking/Halloween Houses/Dress

This is my nephew Cobi, he
holding his nephew, my great
nephew Colton Laine.

Colton arrived into this
world at 7:59 yesterday morning.
Congrats to my niece Paige and her
hubby Adam. 

So yesterday was a rough day.
Today however was better.
Mild headache but not a 
migraine...thank goodness.
Body pain about the same
but I have pushed through.

I set up a booth at
the church for a Bazaar 

I just sort of pulled somethings
together that I had on hand.
But here is my table.


5 yrs of Christmas
card paintings for sale.

My donation to the 
silent auction.

My sweet friend Treva goes
to this church and she
is the one that rounded
up people to do booths.

A couple years ago she
 made Dakota 
a bone shaped stocking 
for Christmas. This yr 
she gave me this one for
Lily. Shaped like a fish.

That was so sweet of her.

Halloween in around the 
corner. On the way to moms
today I saw a few houses
all decked out.

Saw this on FB today.

Might be a dress from the 
50's but it is timeless!
Beautiful and I would wear it
if I ever had to call for one!

Just not sure my waist would
ever be that tiny.
Oh...but on the flip side 
I dug out some jeans today, 
some that I had last yr but
did not wear, size 10 and they
I love being able to say I 
wear a 10 down from 
an 18.


NanaDiana said…
Yay Pam! Down from an 18 to a 10. I am PROUD of you, girlie!!!! How great is that! I know the hard work and discipline that takes.
Your booth looks like fun and a bit of something for everyone.
What a cute fish stocking for Lily; sounds like a sweet lady that made it, too.

Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana
Sandra said…
your table looks really nice, you should sell a lot from all of that. I love the zebra painting. do you give part of your sales to the church? or rent the table space? love the wedding dress. the drop waist was popular back then, I had several skirts and dresses made that way
Ann said…
Good luck at the craft fair. You've got lots of good stuff to offer there. Wish I lived closer I would stop by
Congratulations on the new addition to the family
Brian said…
Welcome to the world sweet Cotton! We love seeing all of that Halloween spirit going on!
Sally said…
Congratulations on the sweet new baby, Pam. That photo made me smile so big!

Your table looks lovely; I hope you sell everything.

The contribution for the silent auction; I love it.

Christine said…
Sweet baby! Good luck with sales looks fun. Love that wedding dress!
Rain said…
Hi Pam :)) I love the name "Colton"...congratulations! Oh, yes, I'd wear that dress...mind you, since I'm in the Halloween spirit, I'd probably die it black and put a black veil over my face lol!
Darla M Sands said…
That wedding gown is gorgeous! And your items should go over well. I especially like that zebra painting. It's so cool. Hope you feel well for the bazaar. ~hugs~ Take care, my dear, and congrats on the new baby.
Denise inVA said…
Adorable photo of your nephew and great nephew. Welcome to the world Colton! Good for you on the weight loss. Sorry you didn't have such a good day with pain and hope you feel better tomorrow. Loved the wedding dress. It looks sort of like the one a friend wore on her wedding day years ago. Good luck on your craft table tomorrow. Hope you sell lots and lots.
Liz A. said…
Your table looks great. I knew you belonged at a craft fair.
Many congratulations on Coltons arrival, my good wishes to all.

I think your table looks great, hope the craft sale goes well.
Very well done - down from an 18 to a 10 :)

Take Care

All the best Jan

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