This, That and Whatever

The yard might be looking like fall
with all the leaves that have been
falling from the trees.
Been light on rain lately.

But with a creek that runs under the
backyard I have been lucky 
and my grass has not turned brown.

Oh my gosh...this would be a hard

I love a something from each one.
I love the side porch on the 2nd one, the long
porch across the front, the whimsical look
of it but...I really think the first one 
is calling to me more.
I love that style. I could always
add whimsical to that place.

Now....what is your taste?

I am a mix between farmhouse and bohemian.

I love these trailers. I want one.
I want one to set in my backyard and
craft in it!
Crazy I know...

Saw this for a buck at the dollar store
and got it. I figure it will be fine
in the backyard. Will not take up
as much room and 
probably as close as I will get
to having one!

Couple years ago I had an 
issue with my driver side window.
My brother had to fix it for me,
a link from the window to
the motor was broke...
this side, passenger side looks
like it is off track and I tried
to pull and move it ...but that
did not work.
It is now taped up with plastic till
Mark can look at it.

 Look what came today...
yep, got them both.

Found this on PINTEREST...
I love this shot and I love the
thoughts of maybe doing a shot
like this at sometime.

Here is hoping you all have a great
Friday and a fantastic start 
to the weekend.


Ann said…
Of the two houses, I think I would pick the top one. I like them both but the top one I like a little bit better.
As for style, I would say a cross between a farmhouse and bohemian.
It took me a while to realize that was a pregnant woman the dog was laying with in that last picture. I thought it was a big pillow at first.
Sandra said…
oh no on the window. my passenger rear door will not open. bob says I don't need it fixed. I do. the house in B would be my pick and none of the décor would be my pic.. glad your grass is still green
Darla M Sands said…
That's too bad about your window. It's always something. Isn't it? ~hugs~ Hope you're having a wonderful day otherwise.
Sandee said…
Love the second home the best. Love that porch.

I'm more the modern kind of gal. I love wide open spaces that aren't cluttered.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Liz A. said…
You could probably build a trailer. I mean, you wouldn't want to actually drag it behind your car, so you could make a shed that looks like one. If you really wanted to, that is.
Sally said…
The top house, and farmhouse décor. :)

Pam, I have a friend who bought a very old camper; now she calls it her "glamper", and calls her "miss Gussie", she takes it to places where she sells her crafts. She has it decorated to the hilt. All kinds of things she can do, she reminds me of you with the talent to do anything.

No brown leaves here yet; just finished mowing the back 40. Time to take a break before I do the front. LOL

Have a great weekend, I hope you're doing better with pain.
Christine said…
farmhouse/modern for me, and I like the blue and white house. Hope you get that window fixed soon!
Billie Jo said…
Hi Pam!
Just wanted to let you know that you won one of the prizes from my giveaway!
You can email me your information, and I will mail it out to you. : )
Rhodesia said…
As always an interesting post. I also like the top house, but the same as you I like the long verandah on the bottom house. Love the shot of the labrador next to the pregnant tummy. Enjoy your weekend, Diane
Some of our leaves are starting to turn to more Autumnal colours...
We have had rain today, which was wonderful.

Another great post, thanks.
I'm still deciding what type of house … perhaps that means I'm very happy living where I live! Which I am :)

All the best Jan
Red Rose Alley said…
I'd have to say that I like the first house better, cause it looks like a one-story, and that suits me. It has a charming front porch also. And for the home décor....I love Bohemian, but sometimes when I see that one of a kind item, I have to get it, and that reminds me of eclectic. Your cards turned out very nice. Your photos are special, and I love looking at them.


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