Reunion and Paints

This morning I left and drove down
the road 1 hr and 15 min to visit with my
daughter and grandsons.
We were having such a great time that 
I did not get pics made except for this one.
DJ painting on the bird feeder I got him.

The boys Nina (other grandma) rode
down with me.

Been thinking of the up coming 
class reunion.
Found this on Pinterest.

And this!
Love it.

Back a couple months ago I 
made this frame for the upcoming

Was thinking it was a tad plain so
I added a touch of 

 Then I pulled this one together.

I have been packed for two days 
for my trip. So ready to go.
But I have been doing some cleaning,
errands and other stuff.

One thing I have been doing is 
with my paints.

This is pour paint on a piece of

My friend Debbie loved it but
it really was not her colors so 
I asked what that was and made
her one for her room.

(not sure what that white on the bottom
is cause it is not on the painting).

Before doing Debbie's however I 
made this one.

I love playing with the paints
like this. It is fun and easy.

Here is some hit and miss
directions on how to do 
pour painting.

I only use three colors. Adding more
seems to make the paint 
muddy and some ugly.

I squirted peach in the cup, I 
make sure the bottom of the cup
is covered and just a tad more. This is
a really an easy way to waste paint so
I don't go over broad with it.

On top of the I added the teal, 
and then beige.
(the sides of the cup are from the other
project above - dried paint).

I then turn the canvas, wood, etc
and placed it on the cup.

Then I flip it all over.

I then lift the cup slowly, letting the 
paint roll out as I move the cup over
the canvas. Once that is done I
tilt the canvas in the four different 
directions letting the paint slide
over the canvas covering the whole
thing. Sometimes I will even 
squirt more paint where I think
the color is needed.

Once that is done I lay it flat to dry,
this also allows paint to pour off
the sides so be sure and have paper
under it. Once done I take one of the 
colors in the art and paint the sides.

 These take NO TIME to 
produce and I think they are so 
cool looking. 

For those of you that don't know
what this next painting is let
me tell you, this is a 
from Star Wars.
Painted this the other day
for my son Cory.

Have you been creating?
What have you done?


Liz A. said…
I've seen a lot of pour paints around lately. Looks like fun.
Ann said…
I love those things that give different facts from a certain year. So fun to look back and see how much stuff was and to see how far we've come.
I have to try that pour painting, it looks like so much fun.
Sandra said…
I don't spend the night away from home these days but when I used to I was packed for days before I was going to leave, just like you....
Sally said…
Well, there you go again! Creating beauty. You're amazing my friend.

Happy 4th, and I know you're excited about your trip. Hope you have a great time. :)

Brian said…
Love those pics! I did a little creating on the carpet, oops!
Darla M Sands said…
You're so creative! I hope your trip is safe and fun. As for me, you sort of know all that I've been up to: gardening, cooking, and lots and lots of writing. Today my project needs to reach 6,451 word total to stay on track for this month's challenge. Good times. ~grin~ Be well!
Sandee said…
I visited my granddaughter and great-granddaughter yesterday. It was a great day.

Happy Independence Day! ♥
Jeanie said…
I love it when you paint -- so fun to see what you do!

Happy Fourth and Happy Reunion!
I especially liked your first photograph :)

You are a very creative person, always enjoy seeing your posts.
Happy 4th of July

All the best Jan

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