Fussing About Life

Before you go reading all the way into
this post let me say that I hope I 
never offend anyone with what 
write about. I also know and respect
your thought and ideas if different 
than mine, I might not agree but hey
that is what makes the world go round...

Anyway, I have been on the a roll
lately with, and pardon how I word

You see it started with the Shadow 
at the barn and the fact that people
drop off animals or allow their
animals to continue to breed with 
no care for that fact we have over
80 thousand feral cats in my county alone.

But my mood lately has continued to have
me seeing bad sides of things instead
of looking for good. You see, I have always
tried to speak about great service or 
a good encounter at a store...
I worked for Kmart in my early 20's
and there was a policy that if a customer
reported excellent service from you
you got a day off with pay.
I got that and then I decided to 
seek out managers when I enjoyed
a server or an employee that showed
me kindness or respect or was just
great at what they did.....
my mood seems to be changing with 
todays world. 

With that said, the other night I 
met a friend for dinner. I used to eat
out all the time but with being on 
a fixed income these days I do
not anymore but from time to time
I need human encounters!
Love my furbabes but I 
need conversation!

With that being said, we met at 
Outback, love that place but
was not excited with the service.
You see it started with the bread they
bring out, there was a whole small loaf
and a dish of butter. In that dish there 
was maybe a 1/2 teaspoon of butter....
NO WAY enough for that bread.
We asked for more and then a dish 
was delivered full.

I ordered a Blue Moon beer. I don't drink
often but I sort like this beer. It is supposed
to be served with a slice of orange.
Had to ask for that and yes, I was 
brought a SLICE of orange in a paper
napkin of all things.
Had it be me as the server it would 
have been delivered on a small plate
with a couple of slices.

I ordered a 6oz steak, which of course
is 6 ozs, small. Not biggie still more
than enough for me to get two meals.
But my potato was really lacking.
This is what a loaded tater should 
look like. 

I did not pay attention to the potato until
I got home and later that evening decided
I wanted 1/2 of it. There was again maybe 
1/2 teaspoon of sour cream, not enough for that
tater, a sprinkle of cheese and when I say 
sprinkle I mean, LITTLE AMOUNT.
Maybe I saw five pieces of bacon and 
about the same of chives.

Okay, I don't eat out often and I pay good
money for what I enjoy. I did not 
enjoy this meal. 

Folks as a country we are being screwed.
The price of everything is going up but lack
of product is going down.

With that said let me state that I shop
a lot at Walmart AKA Wally World but
service has gone down hill.
I try to avoid the one less than 
3 mins the house due to how bad it 
has gone down. I drive 15 mins to 
go to the other one closest to the house.

Yesterday however after going the 15 mins and 
back, buying nothing I went to the one 
by my house. It was 5:30 in the afternoon
when folks stop there on the way home 
from work. 
I was at two Wally Worlds cause
I do buy my horse feed there and 
I was in search of something else.
(later on that)

I refuse to use the scan and go because 
with that, I am doing the work of
what someone in customer service
should be doing. I would be scanning
my items and bagging it. Cutting 
someone out of a job.
But yet, still paying full price.
Now maybe if they wanted to give
me 10% off my bill to scan and 
bag my stuff, I would do it. 

There are 10 registers that folks check 
customers out at (my Wally World) ~ these two below
are the ONLY two that were open.
Yes, I could have went through the scan
and go and been out. But I wait in line, 
my choice but there again, I am not
doing Walmart's work for them. 

Why do I shop Walmart, prices are some 
cheaper and with a fixed income (a
phrase I never thought I would use
talking about myself) I need 
to hunt down cheaper...
but retirement from
the State of Tn does not
allow you to be in the money.
Yes, I am lucky I have that coming in,
having had my salary cut back to bringing
in 49% of my pay is not helpful. 
Keep in mind, I elected to retire at
56 but only due to my health. 

Anyway...that is my BITCH session
for today. Tomorrow we will 
talk about the price of some stuff!

Thanks for either bitching with me,
seeing my side or just for reading,

Go check out the furbabes blog.
They love you!


Sandee said…
Customer service is not what it used to be in many places. Everyone is cutting corners it seems. You need to keep things lean, but if someone is paying for a steack dinner then they should get what they are paying for.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Sandra said…
I love scaning my own things at Walmart and never use the cashiers. even when I have a lot in my basket. I count it as exercise and it is faster. they can't man all those cash registers unless it is on busy days. what I do is count myself lucky if I have to wait. in Russia they wait 8 hours in line for a loaf of bread and if they run out have to go home. I feel we are blessed to have these big stores full of what we have. having worked with the public in Sears for 18 years I know how tired they get and how much they have to put up with from shoppers.
I have gotten so good at scanning fast that the lady than mans the 12 scanners told me I was putting her out of a job. we are used to empty cashier lines here because we are jammed in winter and not in summer. they staff all resturants and stores with more help during the busy season. people are so wasteful with food, I think that is why they are bringing smaller amoutns to the table. they have to throw out what is on the table they can't move it to another table once it has been served. I think they do that to know if you are going to use it before yo get it. with the price of food these days caused by gas, they have to save what they can....
Ann said…
You've never offended me with anything you've posted but there are some people who will get offended just to cause an argument. No avoiding that. As for customer service, don't get me started. It has gotten horrible. There is no such thing as the customer is always right anymore. I hate it. Since I work at a grocery store, I try my best to always be friendly and helpful. I treat customers the way I want to be treated. Unfortunately, these days people just don't seem to care about doing a good job
Christine said…
I am not doing Walmart's work for them...I feel that way exactly!!
I hear you, Pam! My husband and I talk about the lack of service all the time. We sometimes have a cashier that never says a word to us. That's really sad. I could blame it on a lot of things, but mostly I blame it on the store for not training their employees properly! ♥
I scan mine a lot because it's quicker and I can see the prices I'm paying easier. I hate getting home to realize something was charged twice! But it really is a shame the way the restaurants have gone downhill and their prices are ridiculous. You had a right to fuss! Hugs!
Liz A. said…
Sure, they have plenty of registers, but it costs money to have the cashiers in the building, so there probably are only the couple that can work the machines. I'm with you--after working as a cashier for years in my retail years, I refuse to work them for free when I'm buying stuff.

Customer service does suck. Sorry you had a bad time at the restaurant.
Times they are a-changing, and not always for the better!

All the best Jan
Rhodesia said…
I agree with you in many places that service is nothing like what it used to be. My husband changed FIL's electric account and the email came back instead of Dear sir, it was 'Hey man'!!! It was finished with 'Love and power'. My husband actually contacted the manager and was told he has a great team and they are all friendly. Friendly is one thing, but manners in business is another to both of us.
Anyway, let us look on the bright side. We went out to lunch yesterday, had a fabulous inexpensive meal and we were already in the car and about to drive off when the owner came running out with my bag that I had left hooked on the back of my chair!!! Saved us a long drive back when I got home and realised what I had done!!
Have a good weekend Diane xx

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