From a Homemade Cart/Island To Tic Tac Toe and In Between

A lot of my thoughts to build
and or make something comes
from Pinterest. 
I lack the thought to invent these
things myself.

I saw several of these on 
Pinterest before and 
then last week (I start things and
then it takes forever to get them done)...

I started on my version of this cart/rolling

It seems like my shutters were longer
but that is cool for me
cause there is no bending at 
that rate. 

I started with making the 
boxed in area at the bottom.
2 pieces of wood cut to the lenght
I wanted. Then I added two narrow
pieces around the top outer edge.
Then came the even more narrow
pieces for the top.
I used all scrapes from the shed.
Thinking that maybe a shelve
in the center. Went to locate the rollers
I have in the shed but ....haha, I put them
in a place where I would not 
forget where I put them...
guess what?
I forgot!

After I locate those rollers
and decide how to finish 
this off I will have a rolling
cart/ island for the kitchen. Great for
more prep area. Thinking I am going
to just stain to finish it off.

Heat however has really picked
up the last couple of days.
With that comes my feet swelling
and just plain not being able to 
be out. At 94 degrees yesterday I 
closed up the deck, made the 
furbabes come in and we spent
hours in the house till it cooled down.

Moving on...I try to do simple
projects on the deck before the 
heat gets me.
With that here is what I 
came up with yesterday.

Piece of log that was used in 
Amber's wedding.

Wooden disc from Hobby Lobby.

And BAM...
my younger grandsons love playing
Tic Tac Toe

I plan on this just sitting on a table on the
deck. Due to nosey Lily however
I will put the disc in a 
cloth bag to keep them from 
going and falling between the
deck cracks. 

Protein.....or lack of...
means bad teeth and 
loss of hair. I wash my hair
with Rosemary Essential Oils
in the shampoo which helps and
I am trying to be sure I 
do PROTEINS instead
of carbs....but I am losing 
handfuls of hair
a friend suggested this.
Gotta get some!

My sis in law sent me this pic,
she said she thought of me and
something I would do...
YEP...she is right.
Gotta find some tall flowers now!

50ish bday bash tonight.
Taking my best friend Debbie
with me but before she gets
here I have some cleaning to do...
It is just barely over 10am and even
with the fan on the heat is 
picking up so I will be moving
this party (today's life) to the 
inside and cleaning!

I mowed the yard Thursday before 9am
to beat heat so the yard looks
great for the weekend. Will need to
water plants before Deb and I leave.

With this party in mind I wanted
to pick a cool dish to take.
Thought about macaroni salad so I
went to FB and asked for recipes.
Folks kept getting that and pasta
salad messed up and combined.
My mac salad usually consist of 
elbow noodles, mayo, hint of mustard,
boiled eggs and dill pickles. Debbie 
suggested green peas. Well, that all
sounded great but I decided a making a 
great pasta salad so that is how I 
am going...

My pasta salad consist of
tri color cork screw type
noodles (I don't know what they
are called and right now I am parked
in my chair on the deck and not going in to
look at the box!!)....
mayo and a hint of Italian dressing 
for spices. Tomato, carrots, black 
olives, green peas and corn (frozen works
best cause when cooked they don't get all
mushy). Salt, pepper and parsley. 

Now with those said, how do you fix
your pasta and mac salad?

Thinking of throwing together
a garlic pull apart bread also!

With food on the mind let me share 
this with you...

Don't that look good?
I am a beef person, love it, 
rather have it...
but with my surgery I don't
eat much and I sort of like
the one dish meals.

I had so ground chuck in the 
fridge that needed cooking
so in the skillet it went
along with onions, and garlic.
I also threw in some soy sauce,
basil, orageno (love these two 
taste). Salt, pepper and some 
turmeric (for inflammation)..
In other skillet with butter and water
I cooked down carrots, corn and 
broccoli (I only eat that if I can hide it
in other food).

OH MY was good. 

Share your one dish meal if you like...

Update on Nika, son and daughter in 
laws dog. I got a text yesterday
evening that brought tears to 
my eyes.

"Nika passed. Thank you for 
you support"...
That was from Britney. 
I have a card going in the mail
today for them. 
I know the pain of this and 
it hurts that they have to 
go through this.
Cory has had animals put down
before but he told me that this
one was really rough. 

Check out Lily's pic at


Sally said…
Okay now, Pam. I remembered about yesterday; I LOVE your grandson's haircuts. Especially the younger one; that's something my grandson would have done too.

I mowed the back yesterday, and now resting to get out there and do the front. That being said, I'll pay for it later i.e. this morning I didn't want to get out of bed. LOL

Enjoy your party, and now I'm thinking macaroni salad; love it! :)

Sandra said…
so sorry to hear of Nika's passing, it is on my mind a lot right now with Jake not doing well. the beef thing looks good, I might try it. the cart will be great, I like it a lot. IF you find the wheels LOL
Sally said…
Oh, and the cart? I love that idea and I know yours will be awesome! :)

Darla M Sands said…
God bless Britney and Corey. And I'm sorry for your extreme hair loss. As if you don't suffer enough. ~hugs~ You are so imaginative it's not funny, so don't discount yourself. ~shakes finger~ Awesome projects, my dear. Stay cool.
Ann Thompson said…
Love the idea with the shutters.
My macaroni salad has mayo, mustard, eggs, onions, relish and whatever veggies I might have that would be good in there. It's also good if you throw in some tuna.
Rhodesia said…
Enjoy the party. :-) Take care Diane
Christine said…
Love that shot of the tulips. The tic tac toe looks fun.
Brian said…
That cart with the shutters is really cool! Have fun at the bash~
Liz A. said…
But you do finish your projects. Eventually. Who cares if it takes a while?

I don't do pasta or macaroni salads. The main ingredient is mayo. I don't do mayo. (One of many foods/drinks that the rest of the world seems to love that I can't stand. Coffee is on that list.)

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