Fibro and Project

I have been dealing  with 
fibro for 12 yrs now
With each passing year it has 
worse and worse.
Where this crap started with 
pain, then later fatigue, then
this and that...I now
deal with an issue that is 
driving me totally 

For the last 8 months or more
my nerves seem to be firing
at will. Sometimes I feels like
a bug flying into me, hitting me.
Other times it feels like bugs
crawling all over me.

I itch all the time. Then you add the
fact that certain pollen and other
stuff makes me itch more. 
My poor skin is covered
with scars due to this.
I have had this issue for years 
off and on but as of late, every
day, all day. 

They call this Crawling Skin. 

Recently however I have developed a feeling
or lack of feeling in my left shin, one
spot about the size of my fist. 
This is called 

However, on the flip side
the pain and fatigue has been
holding off due to the cooler
temps. I try to enjoy outside as
much as I can cause once the heat
kicks in, I will be staying in.
Can't handle it. 

With that, I have been able
to get things done, like the 
post yesterday where I stripped
that piece of furniture. 

Today I ran errands, planted 
a couple of plants I picked up,
cleaned the deck and then turned
right around and messed it up
again while I started a new project.
I fed pigs, cats and horses, came
home threw steaks on the 
grill, made some potatoes, 
and a cucumber/tomato/onion mix.
I had Theresa over for dinner.

This is what I am using for
my new project.

Hoping to finish it up tomorrow.

Hoping you have a great day. 


I often wonder if I have this complaint. I have twice been to the Doctor and had loads of tests and xrays etc but they never show anything up. I have given up now and accept that I will hurt everywhere and be constantly tired.
At times I just simply have to give in and lay down until my energy returns.
Like you, my crafts and needlework are my saviour as my mind at least is always thinking of the next project, even if I never get around to it.
When I say I am tired most people do not have a clue that I mean I can't move a finger.
Looking forward to seeing what happens with the shutters.
Ann said…
I can't imagine how frustrating all those symptoms can be.
I can't wait to see what you do with the shutters.
Pilar said…
I hope that you're feeling better Pam! Love all your crafts!
Christine said…
Feel better soon Pam, love your projects, jealous actually.
Liz A. said…
Oh man, I wish there was something to alleviate your pain. I hope your project went well.
Sandra said…
can't wait to see the new project. wondering what it is since you mentioned wheels on fb. I have had that crawling ants thing several times, makes me crazy.... can't imaging all this, and I know you are glad it doesn't do all this at the same time but seems to take turns which thing to do next
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) Sorry you're having a bad fibro day...that crawling skin syndrome sounds like it's extremely're so brave though, you always seem upbeat despite your pain and discomfort. xx By the way, your shutters are great! What's the plan for them?
Sandee said…
I've a few aches and pains and I'm not going to even complain about them. Mine come and go and yours seem to just get worse and hang around all the time. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it go away.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, bless your heart. ~hugs~ You're amazing. I'm sad for Briony, too. Take care, my dear.
Brian said…
Hugs to you from all of us!
Rhodesia said…
Sorry that you have been feeling down but you amaze me how much you get done with how you how you are feeling. My husband has Peripheral neuropathy and he also gets the crawling skin as well as pain or numbness. It never seems to be the same for him, pain, numbness, etc changing all the time. I just wish he could find a pair of comfy shoes we have tried all the specialised ones at stupid prices and they are no better than cheap shoes!!
Take care, thoughts are with you Diane
Denise inVA said…
This sounds a terrible condition and I am so sorry you have to deal with it. Good catching up with you today Pam and I hope tomorrow brings a good day.
Sally said…
Pam, I'm so very sorry with all that you deal with. It hurts my heart for you.

Going to try and catch up since I've been gone.

Jeanie said…
I'm so sorry you have to deal with all this. I admire how plucky you are to keep at things even when you feel grim.
I'm pleased you share your ups and downs with us here, it can only help us understand more. My thoughts are with you ...

I always enjoy reading about your day, and you seem to get so much done.
Admiration and respect for you.

My good wishes

All the best Jan

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