Today, Yesterday and the Day Before

Not been feeling it the past
few days....
feeling what....
it of course!
Been really feeling like
I have no energy, no get up
and go. I spent two days in the
past week where I slept all day. 
Today was one of those days. 

With that said, I decided, 
starting tomorrow
I will be dropping sugar and carbs 
again. I am hoping that helps me
feel like I have more
get up and go.
I will be focusing on making
sure I get enough protein in my
system and carbs out.

This afternoon, around 4:30 when the temps
dropped I went out to cut the yard.
Mower would not start. Weedeater
acted like crap.
Tossed both back in the shed and went
and got a burger....and fries!

Hoping you had a great day, 


Christine said…
Yes tomorrow's another day, that's a funny meme.
InvisiblyMe said…
A burger & fries sounds like a reasonable end to a frustrating day. I do hope that changing your diet again somewhat helps you feel a little better with more energy. Must admit I don't think I really noticed any difference when I'd reduced carbs before and I eat quite a lot now as part of a more balanced diet. Sugar, however, is one disaster I can't seem to avoid because of my sweet tooth! x
Ann said…
LOL, I like your solution to the mower not working and the weedeater acting up. I should try and get sugar and carbs out of my diet because I never have any energy anymore.
Rhodesia said…
Take care and look after yourself. Sorry, not doing much blogging, just too much to do at present. Cheers Diane
Sandra said…
comfort food when stuff doesn't work... woo hooo my choice toooooooo
Sally said…
I'm so sorry, Pam.

Take care, and feel better.

Jeanie said…
Feeling fine but my hips are telling me it's time to cut back on sugar and carbs too! Yes, sometimes life is just like that...
Brian said…
That "it" can be a tricky little booger!
Anonymous said…
Your meme made me chuckle. I can so relate to the sugar/protein struggle! LOL! The good thing is that days like this come and go. They don't stick around unless we invite them! Have a great day!
Sandee said…
Sorry you're out of energy. I do this often too. Doesn't last long, but it sure messes up your day.

Sorry about your mower not starting and your weedeater acting up. Perhaps they are out of energy too.

Have a fabulous day, my friend. Scritches to the babies. ♥
Rain said…
Hi Pam :))) I PROMISE I will be back to blogging soon! Today was the monthly shopping day and oi veh...I'm pooped. Gardening season keeps me busy too, I love it :) I'll catch up with y'all this weekend :)) xxx And maybe I'll have a thought or two lol! :)
Liz A. said…
Ah yes, the evils of sugars and carbs. If only I could resist them...
With my husband being a Type 2 diabetic we reduced the sugars and carbs in our weekly meal plans. It really does help him keep excellent blood sugar control.
I did have to smile at your words re the salad and the donut - but hey salads are delicious!!!

Hoping you are feeling a little better soon.
Take care

All the best Jan

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