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I like Hallmark Movies and the other day
 was watching one while doing other
stuff that I have seen many times.
Could not remember the name of it but
it is about a woman that goes home to help
out the family on their tulip farm.
Her name was Rose...

Anyway while dressing to go off I noticed
this dress that Rose's mom was wearing.
Thank goodness for being able to go forward
and backwards on my tv, I was able to get this
shot. Color is off cause I am shooting off
the TV. hit me, I have that dress!

This is the true color and this is my dress.

I thought that was really funny.
Don't take much to entertain me!

The other day I went down town to 
Centennial Hosp to visit a friend.
Wendy is 45, I am 58...I started baby sitting
Wendy when she was 3 months old.
She was my everything for about 3 yrs 
when they moved a little of an hour
away. As you can see, we stayed in touch.

Anyway, Wendy is in the hosp. 2 weeks now.
She has developed a rare form of pancreatitis, 
brought on from gallstones. One apparently got loose
and stopped up the pancreas. Same thing happened to
my brother about a yr ago...only Wendy's has caused 
more issues. It did some damage to her
kidneys and they are not filtering like they should.
With the kidney's like they are they are having to 
do temporary dialysis on her. I only hope
it is temporary. 
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

When leaving the hospital I decided wander around...
something I am so good at. 
Nashville has really grown the last 10 yrs but
I have to say I don't care for the bldgs much.
All glass.


Then I ventured off to the HIP
area, the Gulch, this is where a lot 
of folks, Millennials are moving too.
They are bringing a new look to the homes
of Nashville.

And not only so much change in housing
but in the way folks get around in town...

Scooters have become a big thing but
so has this...

Golf carts and 

the tavern!

Oh my!!!
This is the look I like in Nashville...
the older buildings being reused.

If you wish to check the Two Old
Hippies out you can go here..

Check out the door handle to the 
Two Old Hippie

 This all taking place on Sunday I 
then headed to the barn to feed
the horses, which also includes
the pigs and cats plus a wild turkey 
brave enough to venture over for feed.

Isn't Lenny so cute! 

I want to thank each of you who stop
over at my blog to visit all the time!

Have a great day.


Sandee said…
How fun. I would have loved to wander around with you. You do keep yourself amused.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Christine said…
sending prayers for your friend, how awful for her.
Sandra said…
Love that pig photo. Still jealous that you get to see all those up animals. And to be with the pigs and the horses and then the tall glass buildings so close together is amazing. The tall glass buildings are pretty but I'm with you I like the older buildings and I like the idea of reusing them and spiffy in them up.
Sally said…
I had always thought of Nashville (from back in my childhood hearing my Big Mama listen to the Grand Ol Opry on Sat nights (radio) as a small town with lot of special character. I've only been there once since I grew up, and could not believe the traffic on the interstate. Got a glimpse of downtown. Not what I expected, but I think you live in a great place where you are. Those big buildings of apartments and condo's are here also; that why I like where we live. Our place is old, but it's pretty much quiet, and on a dead end street.

LOVE that you had that dress; how ironic. :)

Already sent up a prayer for your friend, Wendy.
Ann Thompson said…
That's pretty funny that you spotted your dress on tv like that. I prefer the older buildings to all the new architecture. The older ones just seem to have more character and style
Liz A. said…
Sending good thoughts to your friend. I hope she heals up easily and quickly.
Rhodesia said…
Thanks for showing us around, so different to what we see here. The barn and the animals are much more to my taste. I love pigs ♥ Take care Diane
Jeanna said…
I am going to check out Two Old Hippies as soon as I leave this comment. I don't care for the newer buildings especially but some aren't without their charm. So much glass in buildings makes me nervous, I always think someone is going to come crashing through. That's a pretty dress and a fun coincidence. You've got classic Hallmark taste.
Brian said…
Two Old Hippies would be a place my Dad would check out! We all send prayers to Wendy and hope all is well soon.
Awe, hoping your friend Wendy is much better soon and that healing with come to her. Love looking at the pictures. That pig is BIG too. Love that dress. Looks classic and yet classy to me. I hope that you have a great Mother's Day dear Pam.
Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sally said…
Where you is today? I hope you're feeling as good as possible, Pam.
Darla M Sands said…
I said a prayer for Wendy, and your health as well. ~hugs~ Seeing my dress on television would amuse me, too.

All those glass buildings reminds me of one in Dayton OH that I really like because it is green. It's beautiful how the structure overlooks the river. My SO needed to see an ENT doctor there and I was delighted by the view from inside, even more gorgeous looking *out* at the Little Miami River! Old architecture is always nice, too, such as we have in our little city and surrounding suburbs.

I read about the wild turkey just as SO was walking by and got a big reaction. "No! Don't do it. They are nasty birds who turn mean as soon as they lose their fear of humans." My partner always takes warning stories too much to heart, but we have heard police officers tell about flocks harassing neighborhoods in different parts of the country, so I figured I'd warn you in case their are more birds watching and waiting in the wings (so to speak. Ha! I crack myself up sometimes).

Be well!
I so enjoyed your post.
Fancy seeing your dress on TV!

Nice to see the old and new buildings - places do change don't they.

Thoughts and prayers for your friend ...

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
Thinking good thoughts for Wendy -- and that's fun about your dress!

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