The Flowerbed/Garden

Dakota and I take a morning walk 
to the flowerbed/garden every morning
after I have had my coffee. 

We check things out and see if or
what is coming up.

This is my lemon sage, smells like
lemon pledge.  I started this in my 
yard years ago when I lived at my other
home and I brought some with me when
I moved here 26 yrs ago. 

Never have cooked with it though!

This is my Zinnia's (I think), there closest
to the cinder blocks.

The other batch closer to the front is, 
I think, Bachelors Button. 

You see, I planted seeds thinking 
I would remember what each thing
was planted....haha, that did not work.

Look....I have cherry tomatoes!
My Heriloom Purple Cherokee lost
the blooms it had on it when I planted it.
So far, no more have appeared.

Getting close to time for my Hydrangea
to bust out in bloom.

HAHA....I found more of something in the 

A neighbor up the street from my mom,
digs up some of his plants to seperate them
and puts them by the side of the road.
I got these last yr.

Something new I have never grown,
Pineapple Sage.
Wonder if I will cook with this?
Guess we will see.

Basil and Cilantro are doing

I picked two peppers off my brothers
plants at the end of the season
last yr. Not sure what they are but 
they are growing!

Spiderwort, blooms first thing in the 
morn and when the sun starts moving onto
it, they close up.

 This is a ground cover, it blooms
yellow in the spring. 

Iris. Got these in the ground late. A friend
moved and dug these up for me. They are
a really dark purple, looks almost black.
At least they are poking out of the ground 
so maybe next yr they will bloom.

Everything is growing, blooming and
looking great.  I planted some BIG sunflower seeds, 
and four o'clock seeds, waiting to see if they come
up. I enjoy my walks
around the yard with Dakota each morn.
Lily usually hangs on the deck (she is not
an outside cat) and meows at us. 

So what do you have coming up in  your


Christine said…
Lovely garden photos!
Sally said…
I'm glad to see what you've planted are doing well, Pam! As for me? I planted some wildflower seeds, and while they're coming up I still having seen any flowers. :)

The picture you showed of the 'green standing up plant (I don't know if you'll get the one I'm talking about) but we have a lot of that here. When we moved in, the next spring I noticed it, and there were so many I transplanted some close to the garage. If it's the same as yours, there will eventually be red cones that are filled with delightful "liquid" almost like aloe. It feels really good on your skin.

I hope you'll have a good day!
Darla M Sands said…
Nice photos! Those plants from your mother's neighbor look like cannas. Is that right? My father used to grow bright red ones really tall and gorgeous in Northeast Ohio. He gave me some but the clay in our soil stunted them and I got tired of the effort to dig them up every fall for winter storage so gave up after a few years and they died off over time. I enjoy the visual of you and Dakota exploring the garden every morning. Meanwhile, the weeds are taking off again here and I've lacked the will to fight back. Be well!
Sandra said…
i like your surprise garden, it is looking good and you never know what will pop up. love that frog, he looks comphy guarding your garden
Brian said…
Hooray for pretty blooms and almost maters!
Liz A. said…
Quite the collection. I don't have anything in my garden as I don't garden. I can kill a cactus. I'd rather not unleash my destructive power on other plants.
Ann Thompson said…
Your garden is growing by leaps and bounds
Sandee said…
You have a green thumb too. Beautiful plants.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Jeanie said…
You are SO productive and it's very impressive! Now that I think we are out of the snow woods, I can start to plant seeds. YAY!
JEN Garrett said…
I'll I've successfully grown is garlic and green onions, but I was so proud when I did! It will be fun to see what those surprise flowers are.
I love flowerbeds. Last year I had a few herbs, but this year I planted quite a few. Hoping that they all make it and maybe come back next year like some of mine did from last year. My peppermint is taking over my front flower bed.

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