Paige's Farm


Hashbrowns would be good right about
now but they are not even listed
on this pic!

Haha....which tater could you do 

I think it would be the tots for me
course I don't eat any of them much but
when the mood strikes I will have fries.

Crap, now the baked tater is calling me,
that looks and sounds wonderful. 

How many feel this way?

I feel it!

When I was out riding with the camera
Sat. I found myself out by my
nieces place so I stopped in.

Her and Adam were down at the barn
so I took some pics while I talked
with them. 

I love the way the feathers are on 
this creative, so pretty...
Adam said these had the word lace
in their name. I can see that.

Little babes.

So adorable.

This guy is stunning.

 And this is Tank.
Although Paige has 7 horses of her 
own they were not all sticking
their heads out to be seen. 

 The house organizing, cleaning, throwing out,
donating...etc, is going slow but I 
seem to be getting something done in the 
living room. I will do the pantry / storage
area next. Over the winter that
area seemed to be my catch all area.
Who am I kidding the house has been
the catch all area! haha
I take it in spells, and I rest when I 
feel the need. Today I think will
be a rest day more than yesterday, rain
is coming in and with that, well lets
just say my body is yelling at me.

Here is hoping you have a great day. 

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Rain said…
Hi Pam :) Tots...don't eat them! If I could make them myself, I'd likely eat them though but potatoes are a huge part of our diet! I made potato salad last night actually!

That "lace" chicken is beautiful!!! And the rooster too. What a sweet gosh seven horses...I thought 5 dogs was a lot.
Darla M Sands said…
I'm sorry you're not feeling so well today. ~hugs~ A little straightening in my front room made me feel better after yesterday's rant as the inside is a more controlled version of the overgrown yard. ~sigh~ I guess it was symbolic solace in a minor achievement. Those are gorgeous chickens and adorable chicks. But seven horses?! To think I complain about (or avoid) simple house and yard work! On that note, your comment on my post made me smile, and think. I'm so lucky to have my husband. And he *has* started easy, clever container gardening for food, his favorite thing. ~grin~ Be well!
Sandra said…
that lace chicken is really beautiful and the other chickens are fine looking chickens..
Sandee said…
Tots for me too. Never have been a fan of them. The other three I love and especially mashed potatoes. Pass the gravy too.

Love the coloring on the bird. I've never seen anything quite like it before.

Tank is handsome. He knows it too.

Have a fabulous day of rest. Big hug. ♥
Debbie said…
i love all potatoes but could live without tater-tots, but that doesn't mean i don't like them...but if i had to pick one!! mashed are my favorites. they must be red skinned or yukon golds!!!

seems you have not been feeling well, i hope that changes!!!
Ann Thompson said…
I'm afraid that none of those potato choices can go. I love them all.
Great photos
Liz A. said…
Tater tots are vile. I've hated them my whole life. But someone mentioned broccoli tots to me, so I had to look that up. It's an interesting way to prepare broccoli. Not terrible. Much better than the potato variety.

Good luck with the continuing decluttering.
Sally said…
Baked for me. No tater tots, nope, no how, no way. And, mashed I could without. My favorite of all time though, baked sweet. :)

Wow, we had horrendous weather here today, and I was out driving. I sang a few hymns while dodging high water. I hope you are resting today, Pam. Oh, and I love that first chicken, beautiful. Or, is it a rooster?


Jeanna said…
What sweet little chicks, that looks like Mr. Ed! I couldn't get rid of tots because I love the Pots and Tots cart too much.
Brian said…
Yep, we'll skip the tater tots too. The critters are a so gorgeous!
Jeanie said…
Definitely the coolest looking bird I've ever seen!

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