More of the Beach

First full day on the beach and this
is what happens when you get back to the

DJ....out for the count.

Namath snoozing.

We went out to eat once. 
We cooked easy meals at the 
condo.....the one time we
went out none of us enjoyed it.
Service was slow, food was no good.
We all had tummy issues later.

Anyway, this is DJ at the 
Wicked Wheel (where we ate)



The bunch. 

My daughter.

Will took this pic for me, I was hoping that 
it would show distance
I was out in the ocean.
You see....I don't do water.
I love it, but only when I have 
where my feet can touch, 
no waves hitting me and usually
when there are no kids!
I fear 
I don't 

Anyway, we were a distance out
in the ocean here and you can
see it still is only at my waist. 
This is the far out there....and 
I was out in it!!!

See the two guys in the distance?
That was a sand bar out there and 
I could have walked all the way
out there...but that was
not going to happen!

This is Chandler.
Silly boy.

I have a small Sony digital camera,
I could not find the charger for the battery.

So before heading to the beach I picked
up a new small point and shoot.
Polaroid, rated 4.5. It takes two AAA
I love it.
Takes great pics.

The boys loved the $1 buckets
I picked up for them weeks ago.

Buried Braden.

Buried Namath.

Then they buried me.

Heading home....following Amber. 
Trip takes forever with 4 boys and three
adults (bathroom stops). 
And the fact that Am don't use cruse control.
But I had to stay with her cause I had
two of the boys that needed
to be moved to her car
once we got close to Nashville....

Once that was done, they went one way and 
I headed off the other!
I think I could have made better
time if I had been driving alone!

Hoping you enjoyed my trip....I did.


Rain said…
Hi Pam! The pictures are so lovely, makes me want to get out in the water! I don't fear lake water, but you will not get me into the ocean LOL! Actually today it's nice and sunny and mild out, I set up my porch and I've got the dogs out with me and we're enjoying sunshine on May Day!
Sandra said…
wow, you were brave. i don't do the gulf water either and the deepsest i go is where you were and i don't even like that. knee deep so i can SEE what is in the water... i do deep in a pool but not the gulf, and i don't like waves at all... also i would never let them cover me with sand like you did, love all the pics of all the people... you did good to fix your own food. way to expensive to eat out with that many people..
Sandee said…
How fun and you got to spend some wonderful time with your family. Okay, especially those boys. Thanks for sharing your adventure with the rest of us.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Anonymous said…
It's been SO long since I've been to the beach. Your new camera and YOU take great pictures. I loved each and every one! Glad you had a nice time.
Nothing like spending time at the beach. I enjoyed all of your photos!
Christine said…
Just a lovely family vacation.
Ann Thompson said…
Love all your pictures from your trip. Looks like everyone had a great time
Rhodesia said…
That camera is doing really well, I am impressed. Looks like you had a magical time despite one disastrous eat out!! Take care Diane
Red Rose Alley said…
I love your photos, Pam. They're so fun and full of life! The one of you buried in the sand is a keeper. : )

Liz A. said…
The beach can be exhausting. I understand not wanting to go deep into the water, but dipping in a bit is nice, isn't it?
Billie Jo said…
Beautiful photos of a great family vacation!
The beach is the best.
I am like you...I prefer to watch the water! : )
Jeanie said…
Happy photos -- Love seeing all that sand. I love seeing families at play -- makes me smile!
Brian said…
Fun times! Hey, I don't like water either.
Lovely pictures you've shared, so nice to spend time together like this.

All the best Jan
It looks like a great trip. I don't go out super far at the beach either because I don't want to be something's lunch! I'm fine with the water (I was literally in swimming lessons before I was walking), but not some of the things that are IN the water.

Sorry your one meal out was kind of a bummer. It's so nice to rent a condo or a house where you can cook isn't it? Last year I brought a frozen homemade lasagna with us to eat at the beach house. :-)

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