Paige's Place

Last week I went out to my
nieces house. 
She has an amazing place.
This is a shot pulling in the driveway.

See the house way back there...log cabin.
Great big barn and a work shed.

Paige was hooking up the trailer
to the truck, taking a horse in to the vet.
Had sperm shipped in from a 
special horse for her girl.

Paige amazes me. Little lady, 30 yrs old,
hunts with hubby, runs this place, teaches
at the local college, and don't mind
taking on the worst of jobs.

Paige used to show Arabian horses,
now she shows her dogs and
will be showing rabbits!

There were about 6 babes out in the

This one was really checking out
my car.

This babe decides to check it out too.

She has horses, chickens of all kinds,
she had hogs but they got ....gone!
She has recently acquired these
two goats.

And one cow....


Not to mention about 6 dogs!

Yesterday I was at the barn in shorts....
today the first day of spring and....
chance of SNOW in TN!

Check out the love...


Sandra said…
that is a beautiful rabbit, love the horses of course of course!!! and i have a passion for log cabins, real ones not the NEW kind that are 3000 sq feet mansions. old real ones. hers looks real to me
Rain said…
I want to live Paige's life!!! :) That is my dream Pam...lots of critters, a nice house and lots of time doing chores outdoors. The horses are so cute and omg, I fall to pieces at baby goats!!!
Sandee said…
A zoo, she has a zoo and it's wonderful. She lives in paradise. That's what I think.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Kathe W. said…
what a hard working woman! Great post! Love how the horses are looking at themselves using the side view mirrors!
Sally said…
She lives in a beautiful place, and the horses are awesome!

Thanks for taking us there. :)

Christine said…
so different from city life, thanks for sharing.
Ann said…
I imagine all those animals along with everything else she has going on that she is a very busy lady
Liz A. said…
Busy lady.
What a lovely place your niece has! Her horses are quite inquisitive. Did you have sugar on your car? LOL I love that she has so many animals.
We're expecting snow as well---So much for the first day of Spring! ♥
I can't believe that horse giving your car a wash. I love this place - a red barn AND a red truck!
Your niece has a lovely place.
Loved the photo's of the horses by your car!

Our snow has gone ... for the moment, thank goodness!

All the best Jan
Rhodesia said…
She sounds like a very busy lady but as long as she enjoys life then keep busy :-) Hope you are well Diane

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