Odds and Ends

How do you decide on what you 
will blog about?
I am always taking pics of where
I am, what is going on and if
I am driving my glance
is all over just looking for
that cool pic...
and with that cool pic I
can blog.
Sometimes it is as simple
as a saying I see of FB or Pinterest
or something I see I just like, or
I want to make or do...
then of course, about my day.

I have a folder on my desktop and 
I load my pics there, sorting through
them daily and deciding what to 
blog about.

I put this pic in the folder and
been meaning to blog about
it but I always had other idea.

Those days I blog about house sitting
and keeping the downstairs 
blocked off so Lily will not go
down there started out for one
I caught her walking around the 
outside of the rail.
Now I keep it blocked cause 
Penny lives down there and she don't
like other cats.

But this my friends is how
I have to keep it blocked.

haha...a baby gate but I know 
Lily can jump over this...so on 
the other side is a tool box that sats
on that wall, right there when you go 
in and it is on rollers so I just 
roll it over, then there are some
file boxes there I pull over to
block the way also....
it works!

I was in Hobby Lobby the other
day and saw this table.
I forgot the price but it was
higher than I wanted to give....
but there is nothing stopping me
from making this!

Last Tuesday I took my car to 
Wally World and had new tires
put on it.
When Mom dropped me off to pick
up my car I noticed that the cover
that fits over the hub cap was just 
hanging there. I stopped and looked
at it, pulling it off and I took it in 
when I paid. The manager said he
thought he could fix it and if not
he would get me another one.
It was noticeable that the breaks 
in the covered were new.
He asked for a couple of days.

Tomorrow I will be calling to see 
if it is ready. I have news for them, if he
fixes it and it don't last they will hear 
from me again. I am going to tell him 
that ahead of time.

And last but not least....wanted
to share these.
I love my mascara...and
apparently this lady does too.

Hoping you have a great day.


baili said…
Really enjoyed your sharing .
beautiful and inspiring !
Ann said…
When it comes to picking things to blog about it's either something I did, something I made or a picture just told me my subject. There are days when I'm really struggling to find a subject. Youtube and pinterest are a help too.
Darla M Sands said…
I'm actually wearing mascara for going out to breakfast. That's rare. Wish SO would get out of the shower already, by the way. I'm hungry. ~grin~ I guess you know I will blog about most anything, and an idea will strike out of the blue. But I usually keep it brief as possible and down to one idea. My obsessive perfectionism toward writing (though I'm far from perfect!) means it would take me all day in edits if I covered half the things you do. Heh... Hope you're well today!
Sandra said…
i do what you do, take pics, load them, some times i use them right away sometimes i skip them for weeks. i blog about what ever happens daily, i never know what i will blog about but hardly ever run out of STUFF . i don't have your cute fur babies to post about, jake is so old all he does is sleep and walk about plus he hates his photo taken
Jeanie said…
You can make that table in a heartbeat! And I can't wait to see it!

I put all photos in individual files on my computer -- 2018 March - Car Show, Lizzie, house, for example and each month put them into a month file. Then at the end of the year cull through, delete all the not-great ones I don't want to keep and put flowers in a flower file, animals in an animal file, my art in its file, travels in their own file. It sounds clunky but it is incredibly easy to find things. I also have a file called Bloggable, which is photos that help tell a story -- maybe just a word, like "Bingo" from a game box, or a sign or something abstract. Most of my posts, like yours, reflect more current things, but if I'm kind of stuck or have more of a "musings" post where I don't have specific photos, I can find something that fits there.

Debbie said…
i blog in the same way that you do, my life. the things i love and enjoy seeing...sights along the way!!! right now, because it's winter, i don't have as much to write about so while i am out, i am always looking for something to write about - i never did that before, it all came naturally. this has been a long, indoor winter!!

funny you shout talk about vanity plates...i saw a really old, in mint condition, mint green, car yesterday, it was gorgeous. the plate was "mint"!!
Sandee said…
I love your blog. I enjoy your posts.

I don't really have to think about my blogging since I only do three posts a week. They are all themed so not a lot to think about.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Christine said…
that's a cool table, hope you'll make one like it
Speaking of mascara, I wear it daily. But about a year ago for some reason I could not get it together one morning and all the way to the office I kept feeling as though I had forgotten something. I got to work and a lady came in to see me and asked me if I felt well. Of course I felt fine I told her. She stumbled for right words I am sure but then finally told me that my eyes looked weak and maybe I was coming down with something. On one of my bathroom trips I looked in the mirror! NO MASCARA! Needless to say on lunch break a tube of mascara was purchased. I say all that to say this; when one is so used to wearing something and doesn't...they look sick! LOL! I have no problem finding something to blog about my friend. My family are all live just a short span from me and we do so much together. We go places together, all go to the same church and well, If I never had anything else to blog about I have them. Those grands can keep me blogging. LOL! I wish I had more time to blog sometimes. Happy Day to you dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sally said…
Can't wait to see the table when you finish; I know it will be spectacular! :)

Pilar said…
I've gotten so many questions over the years about my blogging style. I rarely run out of topics lol. I love writing about beauty, but I also write about things in my daily if as well. Happy Monday Pam!
I enjoy my visits to your blog.
That table does look good.

Enjoy your day

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
If they broke your hubcap, they better fix it...

Luckily, I have a job that just bursts with blog-worthy material.
Rhodesia said…
Hope that they fix the hub cap if they are responsible!!! Love those car number plates. We had our own numbers in South Africa but have never tried in France, too complicated in French :-)
I really do not think much about what I blog, if there is something to photograph then I take a photo with not much thought! Up until the end of last year I blogged every day, but I really do not have the time, so it is now when I have pictures and when I have time. I have also just started a new bird blog as I have so many bird photos!!!!!
Take care Diane

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