Living Rooms

Wear your green today...Irish or
not so you don't get pinched!

For my northern friends that still have
Run out and make this!

We will be almost 80 today in humdity so I can handle
4am this morning I woke by
Dakota due to a noisy storm
that produced some hail that
came through our area. 

Some days this is how I feel.

Okay, this is a bit much to me....however
I do hang my shirts in 
colors in the closet!

Got a full day planned. Going to throw clothes
in the washer in just a min. (6:30am). shower,
pick up around the house, do hair and makeup,
(tired now)
drop Dakota off at mom's and then
drive to Amber's. Gotta be there at 
11. Bridesmaids, Grooms Mom and I 
are bringing all the stuff we have pulled
together for the wedding.  Went to 
my niece's place yesterday to pick
up some stuff she is loaning us so
I am carrying that there plus

Before I jump over to start laundry I
pulled these together the other day.

I wished my home looked like this!

I have too much furniture and a littler
space then these places.
I love everything about the pic above
except for the light color couchs.
I spend a lot of time on my couch.

There again, I like the one
below but...the light
couchs. Course I know also that
is what brings the brighter
look to the room. 
Not to crazy about the ceiling and the 

This is more like it for the couches.
Not covered with a lot of wood.
But somewhat plain. I think I would
throw some red pillows on the 
couch to bring in some color. 
But I notice, no white couches and 
I wonder if that is the reason
this pic don't look  as bright?

Okay...below...loving the rocks,
just not the way they are arranged but
I love exposed rock and brick in 
a home. Loving the wood, if that is
not all you see in the whole house.
Love log cabins on the outside but
I want regular walls in the house,
some wood is fine. It helps to bring
warmth.  There again, I would love
to see more color.

This is how I love the rock!
I love the open windows if there
is not close neighbors. 
I have blinds in my house.
In the morning I hope them and at
dark they get closed.
This place has rock, regular walls
(next to rock) and even wood. 
I love there. 
Not too crazy about the back of
the couches.
But the color is fine, maybe be 
better a little darker and needs 

Tell me which one you like best?

Have a great day and wear your

Check out Dakota's day yesterday


Sandra said…
2nd up from the bottom is my favorite, love the stone and the fireplace and it is cozy. all of them are beautiful, but if you have one you need lots of money to heat/ac these places. i have never wanted a large home or rooms. i love smaller and cozy.. how much space can one person use?
Christine said…
Happy St Paddy's enjoy your weekend Pam!
Darla M Sands said…
I tend to look more at what's outside the windows on pictures like these. ~grin~ They always look like resorts. In that sense, I like the last photo. Heh... Please don't be too hard on your body today. ~hugs~ I always worry about that when you have so much to do.
Sandee said…
I love the first one the best. I think it's all those windows that did it for me.

I love that fireplace too. That is most beautiful.

Have a fabulous day. Happy St. Patrick's Day. ♥
Sally said…
You have a busy day, Pam. I hope you won't have to over-do it. The wedding is getting closer! :)

Personally, I don't like all that rock on the fireplace. Sometimes things can get overdone, and not look good, at least to me.

I love watching HGTV, seeing all the houses and what can be done. I've always enjoyed looking at houses, though. Mom started that, and I've carried on the tradition. :)

Jeanie said…
My house is warm and fuzzy. Furry too. I have too many other things to do that dust.

I like the one with the three couches most because of the airiness and also I don't like recliners all that well. But I do love the stone fireplace as it offers great warmth.

Thanks for coming by the Gypsy. Always love your visits!
Rhodesia said…
Love the stone fireplace. Take care and do not overdo it. Diane
Ann said…
Can't decide which is my favorite. I like certain things about each of them. I couldn't have a white couch in my house though especially with animals.
Liz A. said…
I'm spending my day in bed. (Getting over a cold.) No green for me. (I wore my shamrock earrings to work yesterday :)

I think I'm more partial to brightly colored couches, but for such a big purchase, it's probably not a wise choice.

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