Cats to Turntables

I ran across this pic
on Pinterest....
Love it.
So sweet. 

I think my daughter might be right
when she calls me the
cat whisperer..
The other day I went to the
barn to get Lily's carrier that I
left there when I took the barn babes+
to be fixed. I took some neospronin 
with me cause I knew that
Tigress had pulled her stitches
open a bit.

This is her after I cleaned the spot
and doctored it. 

I shot a pic of the incision to my daughter
and she showed Dr. King (vet).
He said from the pic it looked infected and
could I bring her in.

I had her there in 15 minutes. I was
not infected (thank goodness) but
he wanted to close that area so he
put a staple in it. 
He is so nice, I really like

Oh my gosh if I did not have 
a cat, dog and horse I would take 
this baby home. 

This is Brandua, this cat just 
showed up at the barn one
day. I named her after the road 
that she was dropped off on.

I think she has Tortie in her.

The other night m daughter and 
I were texting about music.
It started with her asking
me was Dr. Hook a fav of mine.
She remembered me saying that group
name. Her hubby to be was 
talking about them, he likes
them also. Matter of fact he
likes 70s music. Him and I might
get along just fine...haha

I was telling Amber that I still had
all my albums and 45s. 
Then I said I needed to buy
me a turntable.

After the converstaion I actually 
went on Amazon and checked
turntables out.  I looked at this one,
it caught my attention cause
it was in purple (fav color).

Yesterday while out running, I got
a text from Amber while eating 
lunch at Bonfire.

She wanted to know if I was back 
at Ray's yet. Then she said to just
let her know when I got there....

No clue what that was all about 
But then when I got to the house
I found that UPS had been there.
The package was addressed to 
me at Ray's address.

This is what was in there.
A turntable.
The one I had looked at.

My daughter wanted me to be able
to play my 45s and albums!

Oh my gosh, that was so nice.
Now I can't wait to get home
tomorrow and play some music 
the old fashion way!

Do you have a turntable?

If you have been missing out on the furbabes you
might want to jump over and check them out.


Liz A. said…
Did you know they also make turntables that you can record to CD from? In case you can't find the music digitally...
Sandee said…
Love all the kitties and I linked this post to Feline Friday.

Your daughter rocks. What a nice thing to do and it's purple too.

Love your lunch. Wow that looks mighty good.

Have a purrfect day and weekend. ♥
Kathe W. said…
so where is that little kitty Brandua now?
Sally said…
How very sweet of Amber, Pam! You sure raised a kind, and caring daughter; not surprising though. You've got a big heart also. :)

Sharon said…
I bought one for DH for Christmas '16 - he has never tried it out, but at least he has quit griping about not having one.
Pretty cat.
Billie Jo said…
What a wonderful surprise!!!!
And I love the color!
Loved your sweet kitty pics too. : )
Christine said…
my turntable's long gone.
Rue said…
That was so sweet of her! Neat color too :)

I have three and two don't work lol

Jeanie said…
Oh, so good of you to take her to the vet. She's awfully sweet. You sure your "kids" wouldn't like another?
Sandra said…
I don't listen to music, so no turntable or radio or CD's. when i want to hear music once in a while i use youtube... that is really so great of her to get that for you and i know you will love it... i grew up in a home without music
Jeanna said…
I was a big fan of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show too if that's who you're talking about. I hope the kitty is okay, the staple and attention should heal the owie. Nice turntable, I gave mine away in the 80s and didn't look back, but they have made a come back over the years. I have a few records I couldn't let go of, just now room for another thing.
NanaDiana said…
Glad your kitty didn't have an infection!
I don't have a turntable anymore but used to have a large collection of 78s and 45s. There were really some great old groups! It is sad to think how many of those musicians we have lost over time-makes my heart hurt to think on it.

Your daughter sounds like a keeper. xo Diana
oh, I'm glad you didn't have an infection and are healing well. You have a pretty new neighbor in the barn.
Ann said…
What a sweet thing for your daughter to do. I had a turntable years ago but it got broken and never replaced. I have a whole stack of records though
Darla M Sands said…
This is just a sweet post from start to finish. You deserve all the best. Hope you're having one of your good days, my friend. Be well!
Rhodesia said…
Left my turntable behind in Africa :-(( Glad all is well. Cheers Diane

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