Cats and Chicks

Since Darla over at
post a pic of an odd kitchen gadget the
other day I 
decided to get on PINTEREST to see
if I could figure out what it was...
needless to say, I was unable
to locate what her gadget was
but I found some strange, odd and 
silly gadgets that you guys might
like to see....

Here is one!

What a cool cutting board....haha
Halloween parties this would look neat
to use this.

And the question of the day 

This morning I had B
but I added some Pepper Jack cheese.
I love C.
But I rather have A the most!

Speaking of eggs check this out,
lady lou has dug her
a hole. Not really the best
place to nest but hey, whatever
works works I guess.

The big male dude there
must be standing guard.

Meet Brandau.
This is a barn cat.
This is not one of the kittens
this one just showed up 
one day and never left.
Pretty sure she must 
be a tortie.

This is my sweet barn babe. She
is the first that decided that
as a human walking on two
legs I must not be so bad.

I was given two of these
recently. Nope, I did not
roadside shop for these.
Anyway....what to do with them...

Just stay tuned!

Hoping you are enjoying your spring!
Been trying to stay busy with sorting
through craft crap and packing it
to take to the shed.
Things like beads, cross stitch 
stuff and paints will stay
in the house.
Got it all packed.
Bins still sitting in spare room,
I will make it down the stairs
with them in a day or so.

Tim that rents a stall at the barn
has hurt is knee, in a brace so Jeanna
(rents at barn) and I have been
taking up slack. I have been
feeding more.
Working on wedding thoughts,
thinking of that cake
I will be making....
and dreaming of my vacation
coming up after the wedding.
BEACH bound for a few days!

check out the babes 

Have a great one!


Christine said…
I like over easy but the other ways are good too.
Ann said…
I'm not really fussy about how my eggs are cooked. I like them just about any way they're made.
I'm hoping I can get the ambition to get in my craft room and start cleaning it out today
Sandra said…
i am betting you will paint something on those pink chairs... waiting to see if i guessed it.
Sandra said…
oops, forgot to say i like C but none of the others. cheese omelet well done is the only way i can make myself eat eggs. and they are full of protein which i need.
Debbie said…
i am not a cat person, i know nothing about them - except that yours are so cute!! i am not a huge fan of eggs, unless someone else cooks them, i get eggs when i go out for breakfast.

i like the chairs, i'll bet that fabric would hold paint nicely!!
Jeanie said…
Call me sick but I really love that cutting board!

And your barn babies are adorable. I wish you could keep them all!
Sandee said…
I tried to find that gadget on Pinterest too. I couldn't find it either.

I like my eggs anyway they are served. I eat them rarely though.

Love your kitties. I linked this post to Feline Friday.

Have a purrfect weekend. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
I like eggs just about any way possible, but boiled is my favorite these days because they are quick to eat when I'd rather be writing. Ha! Thanks for the mention, my friend. I need - need - that cutting board. ~grin~ Try not to over exert yourself. ~hugs~ And I can hardly wait to see what you do with the chairs.
Rhodesia said…
I like eggs anyway, I am not fussy, in fact I like anything edible other than peanut butter!!
Hope you are well Diane
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) Thanks for the link for the oils. You got me thinking about food, I'm going to do some research into that too.

That cutting board is AWESOME!! I love kitchen gadgets!! I wish I had a huge kitchen so I could get every one of them lol...Aaah eggs, my love and my enemy lol...I can't eat yolks anymore for some reason, they made my stomach cramp up. So my chosen way to have eggs is scrambled egg whites with lots of melty Parm and some salsa! :)

I could use some beach time right now!! :) Enjoy your weekend Pam!
Love that cutting board!
Love eggs too! We eat them every day either poached, scrambled, fried, boiled, in a frittata or omelette - just so good and nutritious.

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
You've been really busy.

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