Blogging today

For those who loved the wild cuting board
check out this bowl!

I love it
Course I loved the 
cutting board also!

This pic was taken days ago
so I am sure they are up
even more than this.

My HOSTA. I love this plant, 
they look like they could not
withstand the cold and stuff
Mother Nature has been throwing
around but they are really a strong 

Across the drive from the pic above
is the trees that cover the 
creek. Each fall they drop 
their leaves and I allow them to 
cover my hosta. So in the spring the
hosta pops out from under the leaves.
I leave the leaves there which end up
adding fertilizer to the soil.

I was at Kroger checking
out baby's breathe the other day.
So pretty.

HAHA....check out this lamp.
NO...I did not get it.
As much as I love the Wizard of Oz
I actually thought this was a little
too much for me! haha.

Saturday I went to my daughters house.
All the boys, hers and his were there for
the weekend so we did Easter.

Amber cooked an amazing meal.
Ham, deviled eggs, cream potatoes, green
been casserole, baked beans, mac and cheese,
I took rolls, brococoli casserole (Will's sister),
red velvet cake (Will's dad) much food.
I took some pics but have not 
uploaded them yet.

Wow....found this interesting.
I think Lily would just ignore
her litter box!

Sorry I have not blogged in days and
did not check others blogs...
I was down all day yesterday. Fatigue
hit and I just did not feel well.
Hoping for a better day today...

Darla ~ in reply to your question on 
Dakota and Lily's blog...
Misfire and the gang are great.
When I go feed and bring them in from
the pasture I have noticed that 
they are getting wild with the 
spring! Although I was not feeling
well yesterday it was my day to bring 
them in, I could have asked Jeanna to
take my place but I try not to do that, its
my day, I do what I need to do. 
Yesterday, they did not want to come
in. They showed out and made bringing
them in an issues. Misfire however was
the first one in!

Have a good day.


Sandee said…
I hope you feel better today. I hate it when my body doesn't want to work.

I always enjoy your posts. It's like walking through your day and you highlighting the fun parts of the day.

Your meal sounded really good.

Have a fabulous day filled with smiles. ♥
Sorry your feeling bad, hope that your feeling much better today! My hostas are starting to pop up as well. They are a lot tougher than I had thought too. That lamp is so funny. LOL
Sally said…
I, too, hope you are feeling better now. You are amazing, though, Pam working around the pain, and doing wonderful things.

Rhodesia said…
Sorry to hear the fibrio has been getting the better of you, Take care and feel better very soon. Diane
Darla M Sands said…
I'm so sorry you've suffered. Best wishes, my dear. That lamp is a little too much even for me, and I put a toy Easter egg in the mouth of my giant rubber boa constrictor (still out from Halloween!). In my defense, there is also a stuffed bunny 'biting' on the snake. Heh... It's a silly homage to "Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail". Fell better!
I hope you are feeling better today dear lady. That menu sounds so good and has me wanting a plate. YEP, that lamp is a little much for me too. My baby daughter loves the wizard of OZ. I think my few Hosta's I had died. I hope your week will be good to you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Liz A. said…
Love that bowl. The cutting board was cool, too. Sorry you're not feeling well. But you were so busy for a few days there, so I can see how that happened.

I think you could make a lamp like that ;)
Christine said…
Hope today is better for you!
Ann said…
That bowl is pretty cool. Nice to see things coming up again. I noticed a few things poking through the ground today but it was too cold to walk around in the yard. The sun is shining but the wind gets you.
Pam, I'm sorry you are feeling bad. I hope that passes quickly. I agree about hosta--they are wonderful standby plants that never fail, unless you have voles that will devour them. I watched that happen in one of my flower beds. Take care. ♥
Sorry you've not been too good, I do hope you feel a little better real soon.

Aren't Hostas great, we used to have some, but haven't any at the moment!
How lovely to do Easter a little early, bet everyone had a great time.

Sending my good wishes

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
Isn't it fun to finally see bulbs sprout? Your Easter eggs are wonderful -- nice to do it a bit early. But I'm sorry you've not been feeling well. Since I'm late commenting, I hope things are much better by now.

Thanks for all you visits! I send warm Easter wishes -- enjoy it twice!

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