Wedding Plans

Do you ever feel like this?

I have for sure...esp when I was

With just a tad over a month to go
it hit me that we have so much
to do for Amber's wedding.

And working on a shoe string budget
you get creative ( my bag of tricks)...

Amber mentioned the other day that
she needed to get the guest book,
I found this on Pinterest and showed
her this.
The new guest book!
You use a write paint pen and
folks sign this instead.

Yep...I have to get busy since
I will
be throwing this together.

I need to locate cake pans...
when I found out how simple
the cake was going to be I
agreed to make it.
It will not have fondant but just
butter cream icing, probably
not even smooth like this.
Ribbon, Ambers color, will
go around the base of each layer
and we will stick some of her
flowers on each layer.

But then I wondered how we
should display it.
So now I will be making 
one of these boxes to set it on.

I picked up these glasses at Goodwill and
I was going to put Bride
and Groom on them with
frosted spray stuffy.
These were 99 cents each.

But yesterday I stepped into the 
Goodwill closest to me and 
look what I found!

1.98! No chips or anything. 

In need of cream color table clothes
and I found this one for 2.99
at Goodwill. 
Amazing, not tears, no stains!

We figured we would just do the
mismatched sort of look.

But since we were needing so
many in a short time I 
posted on FB
to my Nashville friends asking
if anybody had some we could

I got a special private message from 
a long time childhood friend 
whose daughter married in Nov.
She has 31 tableclothes 
round and retangle just like
we need. She offered them
to me to use.
Pic below.


Amazing when you have life
long friends! 
They are there for you.

I am also doing the arrangement
for the bride and groom table.
I am doing something like

Speaking on Goodwill....
this is what happens when you 
are crusing down the 
aisle and looking at things
on the shelves!

Pole in the way!

I got these there, red tag which is
99cents the day I was there.
Marked 4.99 regular!

Enough wedding, enough Goodwill...

I ran in Dollar General the other day
and I saw these...
I love them.

I got them, they came two to 
a pack, thought I could have
my washclothes on them to dry 
when I am done with my shower.

But they also work great for 
holding my razor.

Plus..they add fun to my shower!

Check out this adorble lamp.
My friend Debbie gave me
this for my bday.

 I placed it in my kitchen window over
the sink.

 Speaking of which....she mentioned
it was my bday at 
Olive Garden.

Wasn't that sweet!

Yesterday and today....
80 degrees with a nice
some what coolist 

Yep, time to put the boots

Hoping each and everyone of you
have an amazing Tuesday...
I need to clean....


Sandee said…
Looks like you're doing well in the wedding department and not spending a lot of money. Good for you.

Love your birthday treat at Olive Garden. That rocks.

It's ever so cold here today. We are having some freezing temps and it should be over by Thursday.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
You are amazing! Funny enough, I was thinking of my wedding DIY decorations with a tip I'm going to share on an upcoming Thursday. I still have a huge bolt of plastic peach colored ribbon and wondering what to do with it besides the occasional little project. ~shakes head~ You gave me a blog post idea, though. Maybe for the fun of it I'll take pictures of what I created for my wedding and share. Meanwhile, I had to laugh at myself because I read "Ribbon, Amber's color..." and thought "What color is 'ribbon'?" before it sunk in what you meant. Ha! As for me, I'm going to delve into writing and ignore the mess around me. ~grin~ Hope you feel well today.
Liz A. said…
You guys got warm, and we got a cold snap. I guess we were due.

You could also create a hashtag so you can easily find all the pictures wedding guests post to social media.
Sandra said…
i use that same razor and the little gadget is perfect for it. wow and wow again on all the tablecloths. nothing like a good friend to step up for that. you are finding all kinds of thinkgs to get creative with. love the cake and box and the heart sign in thingy
Darla M Sands said…
Hey, my dear. Thanks for your comment. Here is the recipe link:

My fatty heart slowed down just reading it. I forgot it took an entire stick of butter. Ugh... I didn't reserve all the 'gravy', though, and it is so tasty over egg noodles. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the joke at the start reminded me of Palaye Royale. Drummer Emerson Barrett has turned the eye roll into an art form. Ha!
Rhodesia said…
Wow you have some great ideas, it is going to be a magical wedding I can see. Looking forward to seeing the cake :-)
I wish I could put boots away, it is still raining here and we are waterlogged!!
Take care Diane
Ann Thompson said…
My husband's daughter had the most unique guest book I've ever seen. They had a tree painted on a large board. Guests pressed their thumb in different shades of green ink and added a thumb leaf to the tree then signed their name over the leaf
Christine said…
It's an exciting time, but hard work!
I think I roll my eyes that hard every day at work. Ugh!

I love all the stuff you're doing for the wedding. We had everyone sign a photo mat at our wedding instead of a guest book. We framed a black and white wedding picture with it. I LOVE it! A few of the people have died since then, but we still have what they wrote to us on our wedding day out where we can see it every day. I think something that you can display on a wall is way better than a guest book.
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) I LOVE that guest book! How creative, love it girl! :) And what great finds at Goodwill...we always come home with nice stuff that costs so little too. Your razor holder is cute! Oh the lamp is adorable, though at first glance I thought it was a cookie jar!! Oh I'm so jealous...sandals already!
Jeanie said…
Amber is seriously lucky. I love every single thing you are doing for the wedding. I hope she appreciates you.

And great finds. Thanks for coming over to MGypsy. Loved your comment and always happy to see you there!
Debbie said…
you have a lot to do but you have a lot done!! great goodwill finds and you have some really amazing and creative idea!!!

it was 80 here at the jersey shore and my body reacted terribly to the heat!!!

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