Horses at the Barn

I know I have showed these
babes before but I actually 
took the REAL camera out the 
other day to try and get some 
good shots of these sweet animals.

This is Black Magic.

Black is a young babe. Sweet and 
loving. Has to be up in my face and all
over me when I visit. He is loves human 
contact and being young comes 
impatience and being pushy.

He has to be the first to the gate and 
first back inside the barn for feeding.

 He is beautiful and has a fantastic standance.

My babe, Misfire.
She is the oldest and in trying to
add up her age we come up with 
25 to 27.

Not knowing her fav color I bought her
halter in my fav color...purple and I think
she wears it really well!

I think she loves her mom....(me)
this is her watching me arrive at the barn.

Misfire has come a long way in the past few
months. She is not used to being messed with and
when she was given to me I wanted to work
with her so bad, but not knowing how, or where to 
start and then my declining health I did not 
get to work with her. That was 3 yrs ago.

Now that there are show folks at the
barn and folks that know more about horses
then I do, they have said they will help
work with her. They love her. 
Misfire likes to be brushed, petted on
but not a fan of being told what to do. 
Although she picked up on the rules of
being in the barn and learning what is
expected of her that way...
and how to lift the chain to open the
gate to the barn!

This is one of the newest members at
the barn. This is Scout.
He is so beautiful.
He came from a barn that was
closing down, where he spent
the better part of his young life.
He is having a TRUST issue at the
barn. He is not very trusting of me or
others. But he will get it.

Here is two shots, one of each side so 
you can see his markings.

Here is another female at the barn,
Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest 
most loving babe.
So gentle.

This is Lily and Misfire.
Being that Misfire was there before Lily,
and there is a pecking order so to speak,
Misfire is the alpha horse and Lily follows
her all around. 

The last female to show.
Stormy is not thrilled at the addition
of the two newer horses but
she is learning. Stormy is
also a sweetie. She come when called
and she walks really well beside
you when taking her to the barn.

This is Scout's brother so speak, no relationship 
but they are owned by the same man.
This is FedEx (love his name).


Check out this amazing standance!

FedEx is starting to trust a bit more.
He has sniffed me, my hands, my face and 
my hair and he knows me now and he is
more trusting. 

Black (front) and FedEx hang together.


I love each and everyone of these babes.

My to be able to ride Misfire
later this summer. WOW...what will I be biting off
there! It has also been presented to me that I can
ride any of these babes at the barn. The people
at the barn have been really good to Misfire and 
to me in offers to train Misfire and to ride their

Tomorrow I will introduce good pics of the 
barn cats! haha....

Diane over at
asked about my hot water cornbread.
Diane I wished I could give you a blow
by blow on amounts but I just dump 
things in the mix!

But here you go...
Cornmeal ~ just pour in the amount 
that you think you will want to make up.
Remember it will not take much cause
you will be frying these in flat pancake
like helpings. 
One egg. 
Crack that baby right in the meal.
I add a pinch of sugar (about a 
1/4 teaspoon). If you like sweet cornbread
by all means, add more.
Then I just threw in the 
amount of jalapeno, I used ones
that are chopped in a jar. Taste them
first, if really hot then you might like
to add just a little to the mix. If the 
hottness is not so much, then you might
want to dump more in there.
I like mine hot.
You don't use milk in this mix
like most cornbread. Heat up a little
water and then add that to the mix 
once it is hot. You want the mix to 
be a tad runny.
Then I just grated some sharp
cheddar cheese in there....again, 
the amount I thought I wanted.

Put just enough oil in a skillet to coat the
bottom. When hot, spoon mix in there.
I use about two tablespoons per circle
(like pancakes). I let it cook on that side
then I flip. Take out when done on both sides
and the center. Great with soups.

One last thing....thanks for all the
well wishes for my nephew
Chase. Procedure went really
well. He was released to go home 
yesterday. He had the difib put in 
7 yrs ago and they last between
5-10 yrs so he is right on schedule!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Beautiful pictures of the horses. You cook like me! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sandee said…
They are all good looking babies. I used to ride in my younger years. I've always love horses.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
Gorgeous animals. Misfire looks fabulous for her age! Thanks for sharing the good news about Chase. Yay! Hope you feel good today. ~hugs~ Be well.
Sally said…
Good news on your nephew; so happy to hear this.

Beautiful horses, I can feel your love for them. You have such a wonderful heart for all; people, animals. I just adore you, Pam.

I make fried cornbread, but use water ground meal; just use hot water and salt. So good; I get this whenever I go over home to W. FL. So, yours are sweet and ours are salty. :)

Sandra said…
glad your nefphew is ok, and those horses are all, every single one just beautiful. can't wait to see the cat picks. thanks for the cornbread info, i can eat that once in a while but mine will be minus the peppers.. daddy taught me to make hoe cakes, same way you do this but with milk and flour.
Christine said…
Beautiful photos of the horses, obviously taken with love. I like the way you do your recipes, that's how real cooks do things, lol.
Rhodesia said…
Love these photos, makes me so jealous now we have no cats, dogs or horses.

Thanks so much for the recipe, I seldom measure anything so I know the feeling just throw in what you feel like LOL. N is cooking a cake tomorrow :-) so will try them over the weekend when we have some soup.
Many thanks Diane
Ann Thompson said…
Love all the pictures. All the horses are just beautiful
Liz A. said…
Do you like using the "professional" camera better?
Rain said…
Black Magic is a handsome boy! Oh smarty pants Misfire lol...reminds me of our Marlene who can turn door knobs lol...Scout's markings are so beautiful! That is a sweet photo of Lily and Misfire. :) Stormy and Fed Ex....what a wonderful place. You are so blessed to have these horses in your life Pam. They are wonderful animals. Alex and I thought about having horses when get our property, but it might be a little too much work for us. You take some lovely photos!
Jeanie said…
They are such majestic animals, Pam. And your photos are beautiful -- and it's pretty clear how much you love them, just by the pictures.
Anonymous said…
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