Friday Morning

I think ahead....

It's more like I make goals 
or plans...
I buy the stuff to do those
goals or plans...
and it takes me
forever to get around to doing

Withat that said,
I bought a new mailbox 
a couple of yrs ago to replace
the one I have out front.
My mind set was to paint on
it, seal it and have the cutest
mailbox on my street!
I found this while searching 
for a cool one to copy and
fell in love with it.
But a few months later I thought
Like this

Oh and then I thought, yep, you will
never get that done
so I looked at something
more simple.

But the other day while surfing 
I saw this.

I really think this is it
on the front I 
think I will put my

haha....and then I saw this.
I think this is a bit too much
why couldn't I paint the 
paint pallet 
on the mailbox...
Maybe adding some of
those flowers around
What are your thoughts?

Moving on past that thought...
you know I can't do a simple
post with one
thought! it.

And yes, I ask that question in the
mirror all the time!

While scrolling through pics
I came upon this.
I took this years ago.
This is my niece Paige
and her show horse Cat.

Also ran across this.
I took this on my last cruise
in 06. That is my SIL, her
mom and dad. Both mom
and dad are gone now. She lost
her mom in Nov. I thought
I would frame this and give
it to Lori.

Last night Theresa came over
and we made pizzas.
That is mine below.
Pizza sauce, onions, banana
peppers, black and green
olives, ground beef, pepperoni,
mozzarella and cheddar cheese!
it was GOOD!

T did not put as much on hers
but she did put tomatoes under that
cheese. I am not a big fan of
cooked maters!

Aren't those so pretty?

This was about 2 hours ago.
Doing my coffee on the deck
with my furbabes!

Hoping you have a great day.
Heading out to have lunch with



Rain said…
Oooh I LOVE that mailbox palette!!! I would totally do that one! :) And those pizzas...makes me want to make more pizza and we just had some two nights ago lol! I'm not a big fan of cooked termaters either ;) They get all mushy and watery! If I want some on the 'za, then I'll put them on last minute and broil them for a minute.
Sandee said…
Love all the mailboxes. How clever.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall... what the hell, happened is right. You and I view mirror the exact same way.

The pizzas look amazing. I'll bet they are way better than store bought.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥
Liz A. said…
You know what you should paint on your mailbox? Wizard of Oz. You've really got to make it your own.
Sandra said…
i agree with Liz, paint something from oz, red shoes or the tin man. i think that every time is see the OLD me with wrinkles.. in that mirror on my wall... all the boxes are cute in a different way.
Sally said…
Whatever you decide, you're gonna have the BEST and prettiest mailbox for miles around. :)

Ann Thompson said…
I like all the mailboxes but the first is my favorite.
I often ask my mirror what the he'll
Those pizzas look so good. I could go for a slice
Love all the mailboxes, Pam. I buy those mail wraps that are magnetic to change the look on my mailbox. If I could paint like you I'd paint it, though. Looks like it's warm where you live! Enjoy! ♥
NanaDiana said…
Those mailboxes are amazing. My own was looking so rough last fall that I spray painted it hammered copper and it looks GREAT if I do say so myself. lol

That is a nice picture to send to your SIL. I am sure it will remind her of happier times.

Love the Mirror/Mirror sign. I think most of us can relate to that! xo Diana
Christine said…
Good looking pizzas!
Rhodesia said…
We do not have a mail box, just a letter box through the door. It is actually a problem as if there is a pile of things while we are out it is not easy to open the door!! On the other hand there is nowhere easy to put a mail box as our house is right at the front of the property on the little road that is used by us and one other family. Take care Diane
Jeanie said…
Painting my mailbox will be one of my summer projects up at the lake. What fun ideas!

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