Happy Bday Debbie

I try to find positive things
in my day and I am going
to work even harder to to that
even more.

I work on this because my pain
could have me being short tempered
and ugly if I allowed it.
Finding something positive helps
me through my days. 
And when I have the days that
I can't do that, I stay 
away from everyone!

So I hope to SPRINKLE 

This is Debbie.
A bestie.
And this is how we shop!

Today is Debbie's bday.
Happy Birthday!

HAHA..this is Debbie and her
cousin, Susan at St. Judes where
Susan's grandson goes.

Hoping you have a great day Debbie.

Nash. Electric Services is out
on my street cutting limbs hanging
over the lines.
Lily is watching every step
they make!

Oldest grandson after getting
a haircut. 

Now the question for you folks....
Mild, Medium or Dark
Cream, sugar, flavor?

I am trying different roast so I have
not yet decided on that but
yes, sugar and flavor creamer.
I can't so STRAIGHT black

The other day I was watching a movie
on Hallmark (I love Hallmark)!
I have seen this before and I realized
that the woman in there was the 
Bionic Woman,
Lindsay Wagner.
But not until the other day did
it hit me that the man in the movie
was none other than the 
Six Million Dollar Man,
Lee Majors!
HAHA...I love when Hallmark 
does things like this.
I just need to be a bit faster on 
noticing this stuff!

Now jumping away from Hallmark to CW
channel. I love Supernatural.
On that show they are always doing
something like throwing funny 
little things in the show...

During one season on Supernatural 
you meet Chuck, a writer. 
See the white cup in the bottom of
the pic?

Here is where the funny comes in~
Chuck drinking from the 
Worlds Best Dad cup.

Because Chuck is his AKA name..
this is actually God in the show.

I just love these guys and this show.
They are in season 13 this yr. 
Tuesday nights on CW. 

Jump over and check out the babes 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sandee said…
I'll sprinkle kindness everywhere I go. Excellent advice.

Dark, with sweet 'n low and coffee-mate. The original Coffee-Mate, not that flavored stuff. I'm having my first cup right now.

Love the kitty keep watch.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Sharon Qualls said…
Happy Birthday, Debbie! What a wonderful smile you have!
Sandra said…
coffee for me is dark and must have sweetner/cremora or cream. i make it sweet and almost white in color. the stronger it is the better. love the photos of your friends, gave me a big smile on my face.
Sally said…
You have such a great attitude, Pam! I love that about you; even when you're not feeling well, you post things that make us feel better. :)

One cup a day here, sugar and milk. I do miss my granddaughter having a cup ready for me when I'd get up every morning. LOL

Happy Birthday to your friend, Debbie. She looks to be a fun loving person, and that's a beautiful thing.

Darla M Sands said…
You are so strong. Kudos on making the best of what you've been dealt. Debbie seems like the perfect friend for you. ~grin~ And me!

I cannot drink coffee anymore for some reason, though I was never really into it. I drank the stuff at my last job because it was free. Heh... I used to like hazelnut flavored syrup or creamer and some sort of additional sweetener; definitely could never drink it black but haven't a clue about roast. LOL

You were write (Ha! A typo I had to leave in) um... right about me not blogging. I've been polishing stories again, deleting snippets of exposition and even some dialog. My main protagonist Nickolas keeps murmuring in my ear, "Why would a guy say three sentences when one will suffice?"
Ann Thompson said…
Happy birthday to your friend. She looks like a lot of fun. As for coffee, I don't care what roast it is but I like it with Stevie and flavored creamer
Looks like the bubonic woman aged a whole lot better than the 6 million dollar man
Liz A. said…
Happy birthday, Debbie.

No help on the coffee, alas. I don't touch the stuff.

I started watching Supernatural when it started, but I couldn't get into it. I'm not sure why.
NanaDiana said…
I like sprinkling kindness wherever I can.

I do drink black coffee but have settled on Dunkin' Donut's original blend- which is a medium roast.

I am going to have to look for that movie. I always loved Lindsey Wagner.

Hope you have a good, pain-controlled Wednesday- xo Diana
Kim Standard said…
Oh I love the saying, sprinkle niceness! It is kind of you to think of others when your not feeling well. It looks like Debbie is a fun friend

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