My Son's Jokes

My son is a mess.
Not sure where he gets it from!!

He lives outside San Diego.
He moved there for the Navy
in 2007. He met the love of
his life and they married in 
2011. The two of them
together are perfect. 

Anyway, the neighbor next
door to Cory and Britney had
gnomes in his yard. 

(photos from internet)

Cory worked late, coming
in way after dark. 

And Cory being who he is
decided to move the gnomes.
Little by little each night 
till they were almost at the 
front porch. 

Coming home one night, they were
moved back into place.

Little by little each night they
were getting moved again....
until the neighbor took them up!

Next, Cory's best friend Russ, 
my other son from another mother
went to Hawaii, taking his girlfriend
to propose.

Russ asked Cory to go by
every other day or so to 
feed the cats.

The night before Russ and Jenn were due
home I asked about the cats.

Oh SH.......
he said, "I forgot, gotta go now 
and check on them". 

OH my gosh...that is my son.

While there, checking on cats that
seemed to be just fine on 
their own, Britney (my son has
rubbed off on her) decided they needed
to mess with OCD Russ.

So they moved his couch
about 5 inches or so, off center
from where it set.

They also decided to take and move
the liquor bottles that Russ keeps
in alphabetical order...out of
alphabetical order!

Now, if that was not enough, they
take the left hand bathroom drawer out
and put it where the right hand drawer goes 
and vice a versa.

Pictures on the wall were
cocked just a bit.

And Campbell soup cans
were taken and hidden all 
through the house!

Two years later, Jenn tells me that she
is still finding cans of soup 
stuck here and there.

Yep...he is my son!
I love him do much!

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Liz A. said…
I'm not sure if that's funny or aggravating. The soup cans... that's funny.
Darla M Sands said…
Ha! That is just wrong. He sounds like a dear family friend. Somehow, I skirted the worst of his pranks in my youth and still to this day on the rare occasion I see the stinker. Attending my niece's wedding reception a while back he put our table's salt and pepper shakers in his companion's large purse when she wasn't looking.

Thank you for finding my old post featuring pictures of my beloved cat Luna. I still think of her daily after losing her in August of 2014! Your kind words brought a smile to my face.
Sharon Qualls said…
Good practical jokes! Love it!
eileeninmd said…
Hello, LOL! Your son does like playing jokes. I am glad the kitties were OK.

Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend.
Sally said…
hahaha Love your son's sense of humor, and that his wife goes along with it! :)

Sandra said…
we would not get along, I abhor practical jokes, any and all.
Ann Thompson said…
The gnome prank reminds me of a guy I used to work with. One of his neighbors did something similar only his was abducted and they left a ransom note
Rhodesia said…
I can just imagine finding the gnomes moving around the garden LOL Diane

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