My friend Theresa 
who went to Iceland and brought
back the neat gifts for me 
also brought me a keyring.

And misplaced it when she 
packed for home.
Only to find it a few 
days later.

I normally get keyrings of places
I go but if I figure I will
never make it there I ask
folks to bring me one.

I mark on the back who it
is from and the yr. 

Then I hang them n my
box for them. I have 
several that I have yet to hang.

Need to get on that.

Went to mom's to move her
plants in from her screened
deck to the den for the 
She located these critters
right before I got there.

The one above was larger, older.
The one below was a darker green
since he / she was younger.

The younger one took a 
leap onto the wall.
Too cute!

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eileeninmd said…
Hello, I have a collection of hat pins from all the places I visit. The frogs are so cute.

Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!
Darla M Sands said…
I adore frogs. Too bad they are struggling to survive. This makes me happy to see them so well. Take care!
Rhodesia said…
I always buy a magnet where ever we go - now you have trouble finding the fridge for magnets LOL. Love the frogs they are cute. Take care Diane
Rain said…
I love those froggies! :) We don't see many big ones around here, just those tiny little peepers and the grass toads which we have to be really careful not to step on!
Sandra said…
LOVE the frogs, never seen any colored like these, but would love to. I had to smile, a few months ago I donated all the keyrings people brought to me when I was working. I was team lead of 21 people for many years and each time they went on vacation they brought me key rings. I hid them in a drawer and they laid there for years, now they are gone... beauty is in the eye of the beholder. lets see a pic of where you have yours hanging.
I was headed out to to an outing with my girls and grands on Saturday and I noticed a frog on my wind shield. He finally jumped off. I like to mark dates on things too.Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sally said…
I used to do the same with bells - ended up with quite a collection. So fun to do things like that!

I's love to see how you display the key rings. :)

NanaDiana said…
What a fun thing to collect when you go places..small enough to not take up much room, too. Cute little froggies! xo Diana
Ann said…
I don't travel but having someone who does pick things up for you is a good idea. Cute frogs. I thought they were little statues at first
Liz A. said…
We were just talking about frogs in class today. Glad you got another keyring for the collection.
Debbie said…
ooooh what a cutie...collecting is fun!!!

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