Halloween Past

Many, many, many years ago 
I was Dolly Parton on Halloween!

Just so you can get a thought on 
when that was if you look
to the right you will
see an old console tv in the 
Check out the fake melons!

When my children were young my friend
and I had a Halloween party for the 
kids. I did my fav witch.

This was a witch costume from 
work when I worked for 

Still in printing, I was a gypsy.

Now this is my fav!
A clown. 
I have dressed this way more
times then I can count.
This pic was taken my first
year at the TBI.
But....something you might not know,
I used to do kiddie parties as a clown.

Another TBI pic.

And yet another TBI pic.
Can you guess what I was?

HAHA....this is an oldie.
I did my niece Holly's 2nd bday party.
She just turned 22 in June. 

That is my younger brother...
who is the silliest do  you think?

This was not Halloween but I wanted
to share. This is me wearing my nephew
Chase's racing helmet...backwards!
Do you know who that is on the helmet?
That is my older brother in the background
and my nephew Sean.

Yet another OLDER pic. I was in 
16 when this was taken, Bicentennial Day 
at school. My mom made
the outfit and the little girl is
the girl that lived next door. I started
babysitting her at 3 months. 
Mom brought her to school for our
event this day. 

Side note....Wendy just turned 44
on Sept. 27!
She lives about 50 mins from me
but we stay in contact via
FB. Last time I saw her
was in 2009 when I had a showing
for my painting at a gallery and
she drove in for it. 

Weren't we cute?

One more thing...I could move
this morning after Yoga.
I am sore but it is a different
type of sore from the Fibro.
I am doing fine so I
will do this again next

Oh, and yet another thing....
I am a Supernatural fan,
tonight, the new season 
starts. YAY!

thanks for stopping in,


Sally said…
Look at you! I love these, Pam. You made a great Dolly! :)

You are such a fun loving lady!

eileeninmd said…
Hello, I enjoyed seeing all your costumes from Halloween past. They are all great, very creative. So glad you are feeling well. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!
Sandra said…
so happy the yoga worked out good.. keep on going... your creative ability comes out in your costumes, all of them are super duper in my book
Rhodesia said…
Wow you really celebrate Halloween and we barely notice that it exists here. Love all your photos, brilliant. Yoga is good for you keep up the good work. Diane
Sharon Qualls said…
Good to know you can move today. Not sure how well I would feel.
Cute Halloween outfits!
Ann Thompson said…
You are good at putting costumes together. Love them all
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, I loved seeing you in all the Halloween costumes, Pam. I dressed up as a witch one year when we had a Halloween party. Love the Dolly Parton dress up. And my favorite was the "gypsy" as I'm a bit of a gypsy myself. : ) Are you dressing up this year? That's great that the yoga helped with your fibromyalgia.

Liz A. said…
Great costumes. The one of you with the walker reminds me of a dress up day they did at one of the schools last year. Senior citizen day. A bunch of the 12th graders dressed up like old ladies. And acted the part. It was hilarious.

Glad the yoga didn't flatten you. I hope it turns out to be helpful in the long run.
Kim Standard said…
You have so many neat costumes! I was Dolly when I was in my 20s, fake of course but the guys at work thought I sure looked good lol dirty old men
baili said…
Wow i am so impressed with your talent and livelihood dear pam ,glad i could visit today and se you in so many avatars.

You are such fun loving wonderful person, Loved your recent pics too but special thanks for sharing the old photo of your's .at you 16 you were elegant angle like beauty.
how great that you both are still in touch and visit each other

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