Redneck Rumble - Part 2

I was going to break up these
pics to go over several days
but I decided to just post
them all and be done with

Yep...the Redneck Rumble!

There were several trailers around that
were handmade.
This being one. 
Enough room to open the door
and crawl in to sleep.

This one was bigger and covered in 

Love these benches. 

My sis in law Kim on the left
and my cousin Tammy.

I would love to have this. 
Make a carrier on the back to carry
Dakota on.

I need my cousin to send
the pic she made of me
in this 

This was just plain creepy.

After Kim, Tammy and I walked
around we got back to see my
brother resting.


This is my cousin's camper.
It sleeps two.
They pull it behind the truck and 
they stay there at the fair grounds
in it for the days they are there.
My uncle stays at my brothers

Took this last one on my way out.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Rhodesia said…
I like that 3 wheeler bike but some interesting vehicles there, so different to what we see here. Keep well Diane
Sharon Qualls said…
Lots of cool stuff. You had to have had a great time.
I bet the day was filled with lots of smiles and good times.
I really like the old, and shiny, red ford sedan.
Ann said…
That really does look like a lot of fun
Darla M Sands said…
Awesome! Thank you for sharing.
Sandra said…
I showed redneck 2 pics to bob and he loved it, will show him this when he gets home. I love and want that little wooden trailer.. I surely do.... loved all the pics
Sandra said…
I am showing Bob all these pictures and he said he went to the Nationals where Indianapolis Indianapolis years ago in a hearse much like the one in this picture. He loves all the pictures and wishes he could have been there to see all that stuff
Sally said…
More great redneck photos. I really love seeing these, Pam. Yes, I'd like to see the pic of you sitting in that big chair. :)

Liz A. said…
That looks like it was fun.

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